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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to extract date out of this filenames Post 302336727 by RubinPat on Wednesday 22nd of July 2009 04:26:05 PM
Old 07-22-2009
Thanks.It worked anchal

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extracting and using date from filenames in a loop

HIya, Having a dumb day whilst writing an archive process in Shell want to extract from the filename the date and archive into tar files based on this, I don't want to use mtime as it may not be the actual file date. The files are -rw-rw---- 1 user admin 100 Aug 29 11:10... (2 Replies)
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extract multiple cloumns from multiple files; skip rows and include filenames; awk

Hello, I am trying to write a bash shell script that does the following: 1.Finds all *.txt files within my directory of interest 2. reads each of the files (25 files) one by one (tab-delimited format and have the same data format) 3. skips the first 10 rows of the file 4. extracts and... (4 Replies)
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Searching by date range from filenames

Hello all, i have tons of files in folder named like this (yyyymmdd): bookcollection20100729 bookcollection20100730 bookcollection20100731 bookcollection20100801 bookcollection20100802 etc. I need to find files with date range in there names lets say from 2010.07.30 - 2010.08.02 ... (10 Replies)
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Extract variables from filenames and output to file

I need some help. I have a list of files (thousands) and would like to extract some variables from the file name and save that to a file The list of files look like: I am trying to write the following script but I am stuck at how I can get thevariables 'doy' and 'yr' from each file and then... (5 Replies)
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Extract unique filenames

Hi Unix Gurus, In a script, I am trying to extract unique text from a set of filenames. I have certain files like below in a directory: OPEN_INV_01012011.xls OPEN_INV_01022011.xls OPEN_INV_01032011.xls CLOSE_INV_01012011.xls CLOSE_INV_01022011.xls I need to extract just "OPEN_INV_" ... (4 Replies)
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Extract week start,end date from given date in PERL

Hi All, what i want to do in perl is i should give the date at run time .Suppose date given is 23/12/2011(mm/dd/yyyy) the perl script shold find week start date, week end date, previous week start date,end date,next week start date, end date. In this case week start date will be-:12/19/2011... (2 Replies)
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Appending date to UNIX Filenames

Hello, I have a file name in the below format and have to append the date as _$currdate. kchik_UK_lo.txt_$currdate. The above should be the format and I dont want to put entire filename as above in the code, but it should give me the output as the above filename.Can anyone please help... (7 Replies)
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iofileb.d(1m)							   USER COMMANDS						     iofileb.d(1m)

iofileb.d - I/O bytes by file and process. Uses DTrace. SYNOPSIS
This prints a summary of requested disk activity by pathname, providing totals of the I/O events in bytes. It is a companion to the iofile.d script - which prints in terms of I/O wait time, not bytes. I/O wait time is a better metric for understanding performance issues. Both disk and NFS I/O are measured. Since this uses DTrace, only users with root privileges can run this command. EXAMPLES
Sample until Ctrl-C is hit then print report, # iofileb.d FIELDS
PID process ID CMD process name KB kilobytes of disk I/O FILE file pathname DOCUMENTATION
See the DTraceToolkit for further documentation under the Docs directory. The DTraceToolkit docs may include full worked examples with ver- bose descriptions explaining the output. EXIT
iofileb.d will sample until Ctrl-C is hit. SEE ALSO
iofile.d(1M), iosnoop(1M), dtrace(1M) version 1.00 Feb 20, 2006 iofileb.d(1m)

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