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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Netdump over bonded interface ? Post 302336530 by shriyer on Wednesday 22nd of July 2009 09:55:37 AM
Old 07-22-2009
Netdump over bonded interface ?

Netdump over bonded interface ?
Hey there,..
I have heard from admins, that netdump usually fails over a bonded network interface.

I have written a multi-OS checkdump script , which checks if the respective crashdump utility on corresponding OS is correctly configured, space is available, etc etc etc.

For the netdump check, I wanted to add in a check to see if netdump is using bonded interface . How do I do that ? I can easily find out if the system has bonding enabled or if bond0 is up or down .
But I want to know if Netdump is going to use this bonded interface to send out the dump, or the usual interface ?

/etc/sysconfig/netdump doesnt give much of an idea. Does LOCALPORT setting have something to do with it ? It defaults to 6666.
I have minimal understanding about the networking side of this problem, could some one please tell me :
1. How do I find out which network interface (outgoing) netdump is currently configured to use ? How to check if its bonded or not ??

2. I also wanted to do a ethtool $NIC to check if the ethernet link is
down or up, so this brings back to finding out which network interface is used by netdump , eth0 , eth1 , bond0 ??? How can I find this out.


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IFCFG-BONDING(5)					       Network configuration						  IFCFG-BONDING(5)

ifcfg-bonding - interface bonding configuration SYNOPSIS
/etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-bond* Bonding Interfaces To setup a bonding interface you need a configuration file ifcfg-bond<X> with the usual network settings. But you must add additional vari- ables BONDING_MASTER must be set to 'yes' to identify this interface as a bonding interface BONDING_SLAVE_<X> here you specify the interface name representing the slave network interfaces. BONDING_MODULE_OPTS contains bonding options. Here you can set interface timeouts or working modes ('mode=active-backup' for backup mode). For addi- tional information take a look into the documentation mentioned at the bottom. Note, that this options are not passed as parameters to the bonding kernel module any more, but set via sysfs interface. This variable will be renamed in the feature. BONDING_SKIP_REMOVE_WORKAROUND When set to "yes", a bonding interface will be not removed while ifdown any more to avoid problems, e.g. when some third party ker- nel module, such as Veritas 'llt' module, does not react correctly to the UNREGISTER event and does not remove its references to the bonding interface causing all network related operation to stuck. Note: the bonding options are not reverted when this option is enabled and it is required to either explicitly keep the old options and set them to their default setting on bonding configuration changes or to reboot. Example Example for a bonding interface on eth0 and eth1 using the backup mode ifcfg-bond0 STARTMODE='onboot' BOOTPROTO='static' IPADDR='' BONDING_MASTER='yes' BONDING_SLAVE_0='eth0' BONDING_SLAVE_1='eth1' BONDING_MODULE_OPTS='mode=active-backup miimon=100' Additional Information For additional and more general information take a look into /usr/src/linux/Documentation/networking/bonding.txt. Maybe you need to install the kernel sources to get this additional documentation. The configuration of routes for this kind of interface does not differ from ordinary interfaces. See man routes for details. BUGS
Please report bugs at <http://www.suse.de/feedback> AUTHOR
Christian Zoz <zoz@suse.de> -- ifup script Wilken Gottwalt <wgottwalt@suse.de> -- ifcfg-bonding manual page SEE ALSO
ifcfg(5), ifup(8). sysconfig April 2005 IFCFG-BONDING(5)

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