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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Email alert doesnt contain any message Post 302336059 by lscanaleta on Tuesday 21st of July 2009 05:48:21 AM
Old 07-21-2009
Email alert doesnt contain any message

I have created a script which will monitor disk space in unix, it will send an email alert that will notify the specified receipients. I used echo in the mailx command but the email doesnt contain any message. I have used printf to store the message ($message2) and when tried to display on the screen using echo command the value appeared. I have also tried to use the cat command but still no message in the email. Below is the script.

2 HOST=`uname -s`
3 LIST="apps/AI2dbFeeds apps/ai2install apps/data_transfer apps/informatica apps/oracle apps/samba apps/tsm"
4 SYSTIME=`date`
5 #SYSTIME=`date | sed -e 's/BST//'`
6 #SYSTIME=`date +"%OH:%OM"`
7 LEVEL1=40
8 LEVEL2=90
9 LEVEL3=95
11 MESS="/apps/informatica/current/pmserver/Scripts/message2"
13 for i in $LIST
14 do
15 XXX=`df -k | grep $i|sed -e 's/%//'|awk '{print $5}'`
16 #echo $i
17 #echo $XXX
18 if [ "$XXX" -ge "$LEVEL1" ]
19 then
20 message= echo "$SYSTIME : $HOST /$i $XXX% Full!"
21 printf "$message" >> "$message2"
22 echo $message2
24 fi
25 done
28 #cat $message2 < /dev/null | mailx -s "ETL UAT - UNIX Disk Space Utilization" $MAILGRP
29 echo $message2 | mailx -s "ETL UAT - UNIX Disk Space Utilization" $MAILGRP
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Log::Dispatch::Email(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Log::Dispatch::Email(3pm)

Log::Dispatch::Email - Base class for objects that send log messages via email VERSION
version 2.32 SYNOPSIS
package Log::Dispatch::Email::MySender; use Log::Dispatch::Email; use base qw( Log::Dispatch::Email ); sub send_email { my $self = shift; my %p = @_; # Send email somehow. Message is in $p{message} } DESCRIPTION
This module should be used as a base class to implement Log::Dispatch::* objects that send their log messages via email. Implementing a subclass simply requires the code shown in the SYNOPSIS with a real implementation of the "send_email()" method. CONSTRUCTOR
The constructor takes the following parameters in addition to the standard parameters documented in Log::Dispatch::Output: o subject ($) The subject of the email messages which are sent. Defaults to "$0: log email" o to ($ or @) Either a string or a list reference of strings containing email addresses. Required. o from ($) A string containing an email address. This is optional and may not work with all mail sending methods. o buffered (0 or 1) This determines whether the object sends one email per message it is given or whether it stores them up and sends them all at once. The default is to buffer messages. METHODS
o send_email(%p) This is the method that must be subclassed. For now the only parameter in the hash is 'message'. o flush If the object is buffered, then this method will call the "send_email()" method to send the contents of the buffer and then clear the buffer. o DESTROY On destruction, the object will call "flush()" to send any pending email. AUTHOR
This software is Copyright (c) 2011 by Dave Rolsky. This is free software, licensed under: The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible) perl v5.14.2 2012-05-25 Log::Dispatch::Email(3pm)

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