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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Failing to write retrieve script for tape to disk conversion Post 302336039 by hrsaurav on Tuesday 21st of July 2009 05:05:26 AM
Old 07-21-2009
Failing to write retrieve script for tape to disk conversion

I have the below script which has been written to retrieve files from tape drive i.e. TSM server. Now i have to write the script using UNIX commands for retrieve operation but I am not able to proceed. The script is:
#!/usr/local/bin/expect -f
set timeout 1800
set file [lindex $argv 0]
spawn $env(SHELL)
match_max 100000
log_file /home/series/apple/retrieve.log
send_log "\n\n===========================================================================\n\n"
expect -exact "\$ "
send -- "/usr/bin/dsmc rest -replace=N -optfile=/usr/lpp/adsm/bin/dsm_gold.opt $file\r"
expect {
timeout {send_log "\ntimed out waiting for TSM file restore";exit 99}
"Select an appropriate action" {send -- "A\r"}
"Restore processing finished." {send -- "\rexit\r";exit 0}
"exists, skipping" {send -- "\rexit\r";exit 0}
"No file specification entered" {send_log "\nNo file specification passed to script\n";exit 99}
"No objects on server match query" {send_log "\nNo file matches found on TSM\n";expect -exact "\$";send -- "echo \"Failed to restore $file since it was not found on the media\" | mail -s \"Apple-Testing Restore Alert-Not Found\"\r";expect -exact "\$"; exit 99}
expect {
timeout { send_log "\ntimed out waiting for TSM response";exit 99}
"ANS1074W" {expect -exact "\$";send -- "echo \"Failed to restore $file due to permissions \" | mail -s \"Apple-Testing Restore Alert-Permissions\"\r" ;exit 99}
expect -exact "\$ "
send -- "exit\r"
expect eof

Please advise and let me know in case you need any information.

Last edited by Yogesh Sawant; 07-21-2009 at 07:31 AM.. Reason: added code tags
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BB-SERVICES(5)							File Formats Manual						    BB-SERVICES(5)

bb-services - Configuration of TCP network services SYNOPSIS
$BBHOME/etc/bb-services DESCRIPTION
bb-services contains definitions of how bbtest-net(1) should test a TCP-based network service (i.e. all common network services except HTTP and DNS). For each service, a simple dialogue can be defined to check that the service is functioning normally, and optional flags deter- mine if the service has e.g. a banner or requires SSL- or telnet-style handshaking to be tested. FILE FORMAT
bb-services is a text file. A simple service definition for the SMTP service would be this: [smtp] send "mail quit " expect "220" options banner This defines a service called "smtp". When the connection is first established, bbtest-net will send the string "mail quit " to the service. It will then expect a response beginning with "220". Any data returned by the service (a so-called "banner") will be recorded and included in the status message. The full set of commands available for the bb-services file are: [NAME] Define the name of the TCP service, which will also be the column-name in the resulting display on the test status. If multiple tests share a common definition (e.g. ssh, ssh1 and ssh2 are tested identically), you may list these in a single "[ssh|ssh1|ssh2]" definition, separating each service-name with a pipe-sign. send STRING expect STRING Defines the strings to send to the service after a connection is established, and the response that is expected. Either of these may be omitted, in which case bbtest-net(1) will simply not send any data, or match a response against anything. The send- and expect-strings use standard escaping for non-printable characters. " " represents a carriage-return (ASCII 13), " " represents a line-feed (ASCII 10), " " represents a TAB (ASCII 8). Binary data is input as "xNN" with NN being the hexadecimal value of the byte. port NUMBER Define the default TCP port-number for this service. If no portnumber is defined, bbtest-net(1) will attempt to lookup the portnum- ber in the standard /etc/services file. options option1[,option2][,option3] Defines test options. The possible options are banner - include received data in the status message ssl - service uses SSL so perform an SSL handshake telnet - service is telnet, so exchange telnet options FILES
$BBHOME/etc/bb-services SEE ALSO
bbtest-net(1) Xymon Version 4.2.3: 4 Feb 2009 BB-SERVICES(5)

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