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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Failing to write retrieve script for tape to disk conversion Post 302336039 by hrsaurav on Tuesday 21st of July 2009 05:05:26 AM
Old 07-21-2009
Failing to write retrieve script for tape to disk conversion

I have the below script which has been written to retrieve files from tape drive i.e. TSM server. Now i have to write the script using UNIX commands for retrieve operation but I am not able to proceed. The script is:
#!/usr/local/bin/expect -f
set timeout 1800
set file [lindex $argv 0]
spawn $env(SHELL)
match_max 100000
log_file /home/series/apple/retrieve.log
send_log "\n\n===========================================================================\n\n"
expect -exact "\$ "
send -- "/usr/bin/dsmc rest -replace=N -optfile=/usr/lpp/adsm/bin/dsm_gold.opt $file\r"
expect {
timeout {send_log "\ntimed out waiting for TSM file restore";exit 99}
"Select an appropriate action" {send -- "A\r"}
"Restore processing finished." {send -- "\rexit\r";exit 0}
"exists, skipping" {send -- "\rexit\r";exit 0}
"No file specification entered" {send_log "\nNo file specification passed to script\n";exit 99}
"No objects on server match query" {send_log "\nNo file matches found on TSM\n";expect -exact "\$";send -- "echo \"Failed to restore $file since it was not found on the media\" | mail -s \"Apple-Testing Restore Alert-Not Found\"\r";expect -exact "\$"; exit 99}
expect {
timeout { send_log "\ntimed out waiting for TSM response";exit 99}
"ANS1074W" {expect -exact "\$";send -- "echo \"Failed to restore $file due to permissions \" | mail -s \"Apple-Testing Restore Alert-Permissions\"\r" ;exit 99}
expect -exact "\$ "
send -- "exit\r"
expect eof

Please advise and let me know in case you need any information.

Last edited by Yogesh Sawant; 07-21-2009 at 08:31 AM.. Reason: added code tags
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MHMAIL(1)                                                            [nmh-1.5]                                                           MHMAIL(1)

mhmail - send or read mail SYNOPSIS
mhmail [addrs ...] [-body text] [-cc addrs ...] [-from addr] [-subject subject] [-version] [-help] DESCRIPTION
mhmail is intended as a replacement for the standard Berkeley mail program (mail or mailx), which is compatible with nmh. This program is intended for the use of programs such as cron, which expect to send mail automatically to various users. It is also used by various nmh commands to mail various error notifications. Although mhmail can be used interactively, it is recommended that comp and send be used instead to send messages. When invoked without arguments, it simply invokes inc to incorporate new messages from the user's maildrop. When one or more users is specified, a message is read from the standard input and spooled to a temporary file. mhmail then invokes post with the name of the tempo- rary file as its argument to deliver the message to the specified user. The -subject subject switch can be used to specify the "Subject:" field of the message. By default, mhmail will read the message to be sent from the standard input. You can specify the text of the message at the command line with the -body text switch. If the standard input has zero length, mhmail will not send the message. You can use the switch -body "" to force an empty message. Normally, addresses appearing as arguments are put in the "To:" field. If the -cc switch is used, all addresses following it are placed in the "cc:" field. By using -from addr, you can specify the "From:" header of the draft. Naturally, post will fill-in the "Sender:" header correctly. FILES
/usr/bin/mh/inc Program to incorporate maildrop into folder /usr/lib/mh/post Program to deliver a message /tmp/mhmail* Temporary copy of message SEE ALSO
inc(1), post(8) DEFAULTS
If inc is invoked, then inc's context changes occur. MH.6.8 11 June 2012 MHMAIL(1)

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