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Full Discussion: RBAC related question.....
Operating Systems Solaris RBAC related question..... Post 302335409 by saagar on Sunday 19th of July 2009 04:39:42 AM
Old 07-19-2009
RBAC related question.....

I am referring Bill Calkins(SCSA exam prep) for RBAC..actually i wanted to make a normal user to get the privilege to run a command through authorization, not through profile files...
This is the exact steps given by Bill calkins..

1.roleadd -m -d /export/home/adminusr -c "Admin Assistant" \
-A solaris.admin.usermgr.pswd,solaris.system.shutdown,\
solaris.admin.fsmgr.write adminusr
passwd adminusr
usermod -R adminusr neil - neil
adminusr - adminusr

Now, neil can change passwords, shutdown system, share filesystems...
This is what Bill Calkins says...

but when i do this as neil..for eg.
$su - adminusr
$/usr/sbin/shutdown -h now
Only root can run /usr/sbin/shutdown...

Please let me know where I am going wrong...

Last edited by saagar; 07-19-2009 at 08:22 AM..
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mdbFontSize(5)							 The m17n Library						    mdbFontSize(5)

mdbFontSize - Font Size DESCRIPTION
In some case, a font contains incorrect information about its size (typically in the case of a hacked TrueType font), which results in a bad text layout when such a font is used in combination with the other fonts. To overcome this problem, the m17n library loads information about font-size adjustment from the m17n database by the tags <font, resize>. The data is loaded as a plist of this format. FONT-SIZE-ADJUSTMENT ::= PER-FONT * PER-FONT ::= '(' FONT-SPEC ADJUST-RATIO ')' FONT-SPEC ::= '(' [ FOUNDRY FAMILY [ WEIGHT [ STYLE [ STRETCH [ ADSTYLE ]]]]] REGISTRY ')' ADJUST-RATIO ::= INTEGER FONT-SPEC is to specify properties of a font. FOUNDRY to REGISTRY are symbols corresponding to Mfoundry to Mregistry property of a font. See m17nFont for the meaning of each property. ADJUST-RATIO is an integer number specifying by percentage how much the font-size must be adjusted. For instance, this PER-FONT: ((devanagari-cdac) 150) instructs the font handler of the m17n library to open a font of 1.5 times bigger than a requested size on opening a font whose registry is 'devanagari-cdac'. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA) Copyright (C) 2001-2011 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License <>. Version 1.6.2 12 Jan 2011 mdbFontSize(5)

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