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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat PATH issue on linux Post 302332840 by mark54g on Friday 10th of July 2009 07:41:23 AM
Because setting the relative path breaks things the moment you change directories and it is a bad idea. You came looking for help. People told you what you are doing is wrong.

The PATH variable is meant to be a static variable. If you choose to override that with a bad decision, by all means, do so. However, you will be the one who has to deal with it. There is no reason to use a relative path in the PATH variable. The entire purpose of the PATH is so that relative paths don't matter as you can call on any binaries in the PATH with shortened commands.

Also, if you MUST use a relative path, and thats rather ridiculous, make your path $PATH:../bin, etc.

However, thats just plain WRONG. You should set it in your path, at the END of the string and never have to worry about which directory you are in.

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eatmydata(1)						      General Commands Manual						      eatmydata(1)

eatmydata - transparently disable fsync() and other data-to-disk synchronization calls SYNOPSIS
eatmydata [--] command [ command arguments ... ] DESCRIPTION
eatmydata runs a command in the environment where data-to-disk synchronization calls (like fsync(), fdatasync(), sync(), msync() and open() O_SYNC / O_DSYNC flags) have no effect. LD_PRELOAD library libeatmydata overrides respective C library calls with custom functions that don't trigger synchronization but return success nevertheless. You may use eatmydata in two ways. In normal mode, just execute eatmydata directly and pass a command-to-be-run and its arguments via com- mand line. In order to use symlink mode, create a symlink to /usr/bin/eatmydata with the filename (a.k.a basename) of another program in the PATH and execute eatmydata via that symlink. Then eatmydata will find that program in the PATH and run it in the libeatmydata environ- ment repassing all command line options. OPTIONS
Please note that eatmydata does not process any command line options in symlink mode. All command line options will be repassed to the underlying executable as-is. command The command to execute. It may be either a full path or the name of the command in PATH. In case command cannot be found in PATH, eatmydata will fail. command arguments Arbitrary number of arguments to pass to the command being executed. -- Optional command separator for compatibility with similar utilities. Ignored at the moment. EXAMPLES
Given PATH is /usr/bin and both /usr/bin/aptitude and /usr/bin/eatmydata are installed, the following: $ ln -s /usr/bin/eatmydata ./aptitude $ ./aptitude moo is equivalent to: $ eatmydata -- aptitude moo Therefore, you may use symlink mode to automatically run specific programs in the libeatmydata environment whenever you run them from PATH. For example, given standard PATH settings, just do: # ln -s /usr/bin/eatmydata /usr/local/bin/aptitude and enjoy sync-free aptitude system-wide. AUTHOR
The eatmydata wrapper around libeatmydata LD_PRELOAD library was written by Modestas Vainius <modax@debian.org> November 2010 eatmydata(1)

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