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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting How to enter a password in the script automatically when prompted? Post 302332256 by sourabhsharma on Wednesday 8th of July 2009 01:32:08 PM
Old 07-08-2009
How to enter a password in the script automatically when prompted?

Hi Friends,

We need to create a script which will invoke a command with diffrent parameters.

The command invoked needs the password. So how automatically we can enter password in the script to the command?



for par in `cat parfile` do

# Here is the main command that needs password
add_space $par 3000MB
##password will be prompted...


in this case how we can make script that will automatically enter password?

Thanks in advance..

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yppasswd(1)						      General Commands Manual						       yppasswd(1)

yppasswd - change password in Network Information Service (NIS) SYNOPSIS
yppasswd [name] DESCRIPTION
Note If Enhanced Security is enabled on your system, use the passwd command to change your password, even if NIS is in use. The yppasswd command lets you change your password in the Network Information Service (NIS) map, a network data base service. Only you or the superuser can change your NIS password. When you enter the yppasswd command, the program prompts you for the old password and then for the new password. Note that the passwords are not displayed on the screen. Next, the program asks you for the new password again, to verify that you have typed it correctly. If you do not type the passwords cor- rectly, you will receive an error message after you enter the new password. Your new NIS password must meet one of the following requirements: It must be a combination of at least six alphanumeric characters, or It must be a minimum of four characters, with at least one being non-alphanumeric, such as a control sequence. Note The passwd command does not change the NIS password. This command only changes the local password file (/etc/passwd), and not the NIS mas- ter password file. ERRORS
Your new password does not meet the minimum length requirement. You misspelled your new password or its verification. Your new password can not be activated. It must be different from your old password and your login name. FILES
Password file NIS directory SEE ALSO
passwd(1), passwd(4), ypfiles(4), yppasswdd(8) Network Administration yppasswd(1)

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