Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Using variables created sequentially in a loop while still inside of the loop [bash] Post 302328195 by DeCoTwc on Tuesday 23rd of June 2009 04:59:10 PM
Originally Posted by rakeshawasthi
can you put set -x in the second line of your file "question" and paste the output here...
This is the output with set -x command added:

[~/bin]$ ./question 
++ listQpsk 40
++ grep -w '[1-4]'
+ tab=' 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          1    1342      1194        88
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          2    1668      1464        87
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          3    1883      1535        81
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          4    1685      1399        83'
+ seq=1
+ num=4
+ [[ 1 -gt 4 ]]
++ echo ' 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          1    1342      1194        88
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          2    1668      1464        87
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          3    1883      1535        81
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          4    1685      1399        83'
++ grep -w 1
++ awk '{print $5}'
+ eval count1=1194
++ count1=1194
+ seq=2
+ [[ 2 -gt 4 ]]
++ echo ' 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          1    1342      1194        88
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          2    1668      1464        87
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          3    1883      1535        81
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          4    1685      1399        83'
++ grep -w 2
++ awk '{print $5}'
+ eval count2=1464
++ count2=1464
+ seq=3
+ [[ 3 -gt 4 ]]
++ echo ' 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          1    1342      1194        88
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          2    1668      1464        87
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          3    1883      1535        81
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          4    1685      1399        83'
++ grep -w 3
++ awk '{print $5}'
+ eval count3=1535
++ count3=1535
+ seq=4
+ [[ 4 -gt 4 ]]
++ echo ' 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          1    1342      1194        88
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          2    1668      1464        87
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          3    1883      1535        81
 40 SMANHUBAQPSK1          4    1685      1399        83'
++ grep -w 4
++ awk '{print $5}'
+ eval count4=1399
++ count4=1399
+ seq=5
+ [[ 5 -gt 4 ]]
+ echo 1194
+ echo 1464
+ echo 1535
+ echo 1399

However I was able to find a working solution to my problem:

[~/bin]$ cat orig.question 
tab=`listQpsk 40|grep -w [1-4]`
until [[ $seq -gt $num ]];do
eval var=`echo "$tab"|grep -w $seq|awk '{print $5}'`
echo $var

[~/bin]$ ./orig.question 

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foreach(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands							foreach(n)


foreach - Iterate over all elements in one or more lists SYNOPSIS
foreach varname list body foreach varlist1 list1 ?varlist2 list2 ...? body _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The foreach command implements a loop where the loop variable(s) take on values from one or more lists. In the simplest case there is one loop variable, varname, and one list, list, that is a list of values to assign to varname. The body argument is a Tcl script. For each element of list (in order from first to last), foreach assigns the contents of the element to varname as if the lindex command had been used to extract the element, then calls the Tcl interpreter to execute body. In the general case there can be more than one value list (e.g., list1 and list2), and each value list can be associated with a list of loop variables (e.g., varlist1 and varlist2). During each iteration of the loop the variables of each varlist are assigned consecutive values from the corresponding list. Values in each list are used in order from first to last, and each value is used exactly once. The total number of loop iterations is large enough to use up all the values from all the value lists. If a value list does not contain enough elements for each of its loop variables in each iteration, empty values are used for the missing elements. The break and continue statements may be invoked inside body, with the same effect as in the for command. Foreach returns an empty string. EXAMPLES
This loop prints every value in a list together with the square and cube of the value: set values {1 3 5 7 2 4 6 8} ;# Odd numbers first, for fun! puts "Value Square Cube" ;# Neat-looking header foreach x $values { ;# Now loop and print... puts " $x [expr {$x**2}] [expr {$x**3}]" } The following loop uses i and j as loop variables to iterate over pairs of elements of a single list. set x {} foreach {i j} {a b c d e f} { lappend x $j $i } # The value of x is "b a d c f e" # There are 3 iterations of the loop. The next loop uses i and j to iterate over two lists in parallel. set x {} foreach i {a b c} j {d e f g} { lappend x $i $j } # The value of x is "a d b e c f {} g" # There are 4 iterations of the loop. The two forms are combined in the following example. set x {} foreach i {a b c} {j k} {d e f g} { lappend x $i $j $k } # The value of x is "a d e b f g c {} {}" # There are 3 iterations of the loop. SEE ALSO
for(n), while(n), break(n), continue(n) KEYWORDS
foreach, iteration, list, looping Tcl foreach(n)

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