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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Print the first four characters of hostname Post 302325598 by cfajohnson on Monday 15th of June 2009 04:21:40 PM
Old 06-15-2009
Originally Posted by yxian
I'm trying to print the first four characters of the hostname of a computer.

I can get it from using:
hostname -s | sed 's/...........$//'"

but this is when I know how many characters are in the computer name.

Though longer than some other solutions, this will be much faster because it doesn't use any external commands other than hostname:

echo ${hostname%"$temp"}

But it is also possible that your shell already has the output of hostname in the variable $HOSTNAME (bash does), and you don't need any external command:

echo ${HOSTNAME%"$temp"}

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HOSTNAME(5)							     hostname							       HOSTNAME(5)

hostname - Local hostname configuration file SYNOPSIS
/etc/hostname DESCRIPTION
The /etc/hostname file configures the name of the local system that is set during boot using the sethostname(2) system call. It should contain a single newline-terminated hostname string. The hostname may be a free-form string up to 64 characters in length; however, it is recommended that it consists only of 7-bit ASCII lower-case characters and no spaces or dots, and limits itself to the format allowed for DNS domain name labels, even though this is not a strict requirement. Depending on the operating system, other configuration files might be checked for configuration of the hostname as well, however only as fallback. You may use hostnamectl(1) to change the value of this file from the command line. HISTORY
The simple configuration file format of /etc/hostname originates from Debian GNU/Linux. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), sethostname(2), hostname(1), hostname(7), machine-id(5), machine-info(5), hostnamectl(1), systemd-hostnamed.service(8) systemd 208 HOSTNAME(5)

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