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Yes that is. With

for line in $(ls); do head -1 $line >> myfile; done

worked as well if I had the files, whose first lines I want to put together, in the same directory, but it is not like this. I've skipped the details. What I wanted is to join together the first value of 6 files named fort.605 in one file, each in a different directory, i.e:


The first way is straightforward, but thanks a lot
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unknown infers possible genotypes and mating combinations for parents with unknown genotypes for ilink(1), mlink(1) and linkmap(1). OPTIONS
-c Use conditional allele frequencies. -l Choose a good set of loop breakers automatically. RETURN VALUE
0 Successful completion ERRORS
10 File not found 255 Failure EXAMPLES
Normally, unknown(1) is run immediately prior to its sister programs, ilink(1), mlink(1) and linkmap(1), like this: unknown mlink FILES
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Dylan Cooper, Alejandro Schaffer, and Tony Schurtz based on work originally by Jurg Ott, Ph.D, et. al. This manual page was written by Elizabeth Barham <> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). WORD-WIDE-WEB SEE ALSO
ilink(1), linkmap(1), lodscore(1), mlink(1). April 15, 2003 UNKNOWN(1)

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