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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting compare files in two directories and output changed files to third directory Post 302319997 by bkeep on Tuesday 26th of May 2009 08:13:09 PM
Old 05-26-2009
Thanks for the responses you guys are top notch. I have made a few modifications to get this working recursively using edgarvm's example. I also incorporated JerryHone's idea about dealing with non-existent files


# setup folders for our different stages

cd $DIST

list=`find . -type f`

for a in $list; do
   if [ ! -f "$DIST_OLD$a" ]; then
        cp --parents $a $DIST_UPGRADE
   diff $a $DIST_OLD$a > /dev/null
   if [[ "$?" == "1" ]]; then
        # File exists but is different so copy changed file
        cp --parents $a $DIST_UPGRADE

Thanks for the advice.

Last edited by bkeep; 05-26-2009 at 10:04 PM.. Reason: Got it working with above code

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CHDIST(1)																 CHDIST(1)

chdist - script to easily play with several distributions SYNOPSIS
chdist [options] [command] [command parameters] DESCRIPTION
chdist is a rewrite of what used to be known as 'MultiDistroTools' (or mdt). Its use is to create 'APT trees' for several distributions, making it easy to query the status of packages in other distribution without using chroots, for instance. OPTIONS
-h, --help Provide a usage message. -d, --data-dir DIR Choose data directory (default: $HOME/.chdist/). -a, --arch ARCH Choose architecture (default: `dpkg --print-architecture`). --version Display version information. COMMANDS
create DIST [URL RELEASE SECTIONS] Prepare a new tree named DIST apt-get DIST <update|source|...> Run apt-get inside DIST apt-cache DIST <show|showsrc|...> Run apt-cache inside DIST apt-rdepends DIST [...] Run apt-rdepends inside DIST src2bin DIST SRCPKG List binary packages for SRCPKG in DIST bin2src DIST BINPKG List source package for BINPKG in DIST compare-packages DIST1 DIST2 [DIST3, ...] compare-bin-packages DIST1 DIST2 [DIST3, ...] List versions of packages in several DISTributions compare-versions DIST1 DIST2 compare-bin-versions DIST1 DIST2 Same as compare-packages/compare-bin-packages, but also runs dpkg --compare-versions and display where the package is newer. compare-src-bin-packages DIST Compare sources and binaries for DIST compare-src-bin-versions DIST Same as compare-src-bin-packages, but also run dpkg --compare-versions and display where the package is newer grep-dctrl-packages DIST [...] Run grep-dctrl on *_Packages inside DIST grep-dctrl-sources DIST [...] Run grep-dctrl on *_Sources inside DIST list List available DISTs COPYRIGHT
This program is copyright 2007 by Lucas Nussbaum and Luk Claes. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. It is licensed under the terms of the GPL, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Debian Utilities 2013-12-23 CHDIST(1)

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