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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Command 'rm -f -r "0yfOYy-0008Nq-2j-32233-K"' failed with return code 1 and error mes Post 302316277 by linuxbee on Thursday 14th of May 2009 03:21:29 PM
Old 05-14-2009
it is a email file very old
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Hi folks, I wrote a ksh program which run scripts from remote server. To check the status code I wrote the following function: check_remote_status() { status_code=`tail -1 $installLog` if ] ; then echo $errMsg | tee -a $installLog exit 1 else echo $validMsg >> $installLog fi... (9 Replies)
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return code capturing for all commands connected by "|" ...

Hi, While I am using "|" to join multiple commands, I am not getting the return code when there is error in one of the commnads. Eg: b=`find /path/a*.out | xargs basename` if ; then echo "Error" fi if there is error while finding the file or getting the basename, the $? is... (6 Replies)
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Return code is "0" though the command fails.

The return code is "0" though the command fails. How to get a return code of "1" for this command when it fails or modify the command to get the right return code? On HP UNIX #-------- SCRIPT ---- #!/bin/ksh find /opt/oracle/oroem/product/ \( -name "*.aud" \) -mtime +1... (3 Replies)
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Ssh installation error "RSA key generation failed"

While trying to upgrade ssh from v4.7 to v5.0 on AIX 5.3 TL9, I end up with the following error. Has anyone come across this? Note: openssl has been upgraded to before this upgrade Bala (0 Replies)
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Removing "Failed none for" error messages from sshd logs files

We have a number of system running the same patch level, OS version and sshd version. The systems also have the same sshd config and syslog.conf entries , however one of the systems keeps logging the following message everytime someone logs in: Nov 16 09:36:02 server389 sshd: Failed none for... (3 Replies)
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6. Red Hat

"ERROR : failed to mount nfs source" Red Hat Kickstart

Hi There, I have been googling for this error and try solution provided but still not avail to resolve Kickstart Issue. Any expert have encounter this problem? Thanks. Regards, Regmaster (4 Replies)
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awk command to replace ";" with "|" and ""|" at diferent places in line of file

Hi, I have line in input file as below: 3G_CENTRAL;INDONESIA_(M)_TELKOMSEL;SPECIAL_WORLD_GRP_7_FA_2_TELKOMSEL My expected output for line in the file must be : "1-Radon1-cMOC_deg"|"LDIndex"|"3G_CENTRAL|INDONESIA_(M)_TELKOMSEL"|LAST|"SPECIAL_WORLD_GRP_7_FA_2_TELKOMSEL" Can someone... (7 Replies)
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Unix "look" Command "File too large" Error Message

I am trying to find lines in a text file larger than 3 Gb that start with a given string. My command looks like this: $ look "string" "/home/patrick/filename.txt" However, this gives me the following message: "look: /home/patrick/filename.txt: File too large" So, I have two... (14 Replies)
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"Estream construct failed" Error on Solaris i86pc

Hi Guys, From past some days, I am getting an error in /var/adm/messages which is as shown below. XXXXX02:/# cat /var/adm/messages |tail Sep 16 15:28:14 XXXX02 EV_AGENT: Agent Main --Estream construct failed. Err: EMULSocket::recv() Sep 16 15:31:49 XXXX02 EV_AGENT: Agent main --... (2 Replies)
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10. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

Using "mailx" command to read "to" and "cc" email addreses from input file

How to use "mailx" command to do e-mail reading the input file containing email address, where column 1 has name and column 2 containing “To” e-mail address and column 3 contains “cc” e-mail address to include with same email. Sample input file, email.txt Below is an sample code where... (2 Replies)
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icapnotify(1M)															    icapnotify(1M)

icapnotify - Test email connectivity to HP for Instant Capacity (iCAP) systems. Request a confirmation response email from HP. Turn config- uration change notification and asset reporting on or off. SYNOPSIS
icapnotify <reply_address> icapnotify -a on|off icapnotify -n on|off Obsolescent: icod_notify <reply_address> icod_notify -a on|off icod_notify -n on|off DESCRIPTION
When a reply_address is specified, sends an asset report via email to HP, root, and the specified email address. Confirmation email is sent from HP to the specified reply email address indicating that HP received the asset report email. Note that asset reporting is optional but can be useful for viewing complexwide asset information at the HP Utility Pricing Solutions por- tal ( The deprecated command provides identical functionality to the command and is maintained for backward compatibility. For detailed information on email configuration and requirements, see the located at /usr/share/doc/icapUserGuide.pdf. Options The command recognizes these options and arguments: -a on|off Turns email asset reporting on or off. This option is used to specify if the Instant Capacity software should send asset reports to HP via email. The command displays the present setting for this option. -n on|off Turns configuration change notification on or off. If specified on, executing the command results in a configuration change notification email sent to the system contact email address summarizing any configuration change. Configuration change notification email can be turned off by specifying off. Configuration change notifications are not sent if the system contact email address is not set. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
Environment Variables o LANG determines the locale to use for the locale categories when both LC_ALL and the corresponding environment variable (begin- ning with LC_) do not specify a locale. If LANG is not set or is set to the empty string, a default of C is used (see lang(5)). o LC_CTYPE determines the interpretation of single- and multiple-byte characters. o LC_MESSAGES determines the language in which messages are displayed. If any internationalization variable contains an invalid setting, icapnotify behaves as if all internationalization variables are set to C (see environ(5)). International Code Set Support Single- and multiple-byte character code sets are supported. RETURN VALUE
The command exits with one of these values: 0 Command succeeded. >0 Command failed; error message sent to STDERR. EXAMPLES
Test email connectivity with HP by sending an asset report to HP, root , and, and request a confirmation email from HP to be sent to icapnotify Turn email asset reporting on: icapnotify -a on Turn email asset reporting off: icapnotify -a off Turn configuration change notification on: icapnotify -n on Turn configuration change notification off: icapnotify -n off AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
icapmodify(1M), icapstatus(1M), icapmanage(1M), icapd(1M), icap(5). icapnotify(1M)

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