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Operating Systems HP-UX OSF/1 swap file low and killing processes! Post 302315311 by vbe on Tuesday 12th of May 2009 04:58:57 AM
Years since I last saw an OSF1 (or decade?...)
From what I remember (it was well before Y2K...) Digital UNIX terminates all processes that failed its allocation of swap space
So I would believe it may filling up some log file somewhere
Now in those days also DEC-UX had 2 swap mode: deferred or immediate, I wonder if you are not in first case
I dont know how it is done, I think if you see a link when looking at /sbin/swapdefault pointing to /dev/rz0... then you are in immediate mode
swapon -s will show the swap
and you create new swap with the same swapon command, it will be lost at next reboot unless you modfy /etc/fstab and reboot after...

Good luck
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whois(1)						      General Commands Manual							  whois(1)

whois - Internet username directory service SYNOPSIS
whois [-h server] name... The whois command looks up user, host, and organization names in the Network Information Center (NIC) database. OPTIONS
Specifies a whois server other than the default server DESCRIPTION
The name argument can specify the following: The name of a registered user The name of a registered Internet host The name of some other entity recognized by the whois server By default, the whois command queries the host The operands specified to the whois command are concatenated together (separated by white-space) and presented to the whois the server. The default action, unless directed otherwise with a special name is to do a very broad search, looking for matches to name in all types of records and most fields (such as name, nicknames, host name, and network address) in the database. For more information as to what name operands have special meaning, and how to guide the search, use the special name help. EXAMPLES
To display the NIC database entry for the organization, enter: whois Open Software Foundation (OSF-DOM) 11 Cambridge Center Cambridge, MAS 02142 Domain Name: OSF.ORG . . . SEE ALSO
DARPA Internet Request for Comment: NICKNAME/WHOIS (RFC 812) whois(1)

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