Full Discussion: Disk I/O Issue using LVM
Operating Systems AIX Disk I/O Issue using LVM Post 302312912 by bakunin on Monday 4th of May 2009 04:41:59 AM
I oversaw this is a double post - closing it.

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hi, i have a query regarding the size of the LVM header. Since the LVM header of a bootable disk is always 2912KB. The header size of a non bootable disk is not fixed. In Bootable disk after the LVM header (2912 KB=5824 sectors)the user data starts or we can say LV extents starts. If i extend any... (0 Replies)
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LVM: is possible to replace a disk?

Scenario1: VG00 lvm,not mirrored,2 disk of 36GB vg size VG00 size is under 30G. Is possible to remove a disk of 36GB and replace "on fly" with a disk of 300GB on VG00? Thanks (6 Replies)
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TRIG(3) 						User Contributed Perl Documentation						   TRIG(3)

PDL::GSLSF::TRIG - PDL interface to GSL Special Functions DESCRIPTION
This is an interface to the Special Function package present in the GNU Scientific Library. SYNOPSIS
gsl_sf_sin Signature: (double x(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Sin(x) with GSL semantics. gsl_sf_cos Signature: (double x(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Cos(x) with GSL semantics. gsl_sf_hypot Signature: (double x(); double xx(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Hypot(x,xx) with GSL semantics. gsl_sf_complex_sin Signature: (double zr(); double zi(); double [o]x(); double [o]y(); double [o]xe(); double [o]ye()) Sin(z) for complex z gsl_sf_complex_cos Signature: (double zr(); double zi(); double [o]x(); double [o]y(); double [o]xe(); double [o]ye()) Cos(z) for complex z gsl_sf_complex_logsin Signature: (double zr(); double zi(); double [o]x(); double [o]y(); double [o]xe(); double [o]ye()) Log(Sin(z)) for complex z gsl_sf_lnsinh Signature: (double x(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Log(Sinh(x)) with GSL semantics. gsl_sf_lncosh Signature: (double x(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Log(Cos(x)) with GSL semantics. gsl_sf_polar_to_rect Signature: (double r(); double t(); double [o]x(); double [o]y(); double [o]xe(); double [o]ye()) Convert polar to rectlinear coordinates. gsl_sf_rect_to_polar Signature: (double x(); double y(); double [o]r(); double [o]t(); double [o]re(); double [o]te()) Convert rectlinear to polar coordinates. return argument in range [-pi, pi]. gsl_sf_angle_restrict_symm Signature: (double [o]y()) Force an angle to lie in the range (-pi,pi]. gsl_sf_angle_restrict_pos Signature: (double [o]y()) Force an angle to lie in the range [0,2 pi). gsl_sf_sin_err Signature: (double x(); double dx(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Sin(x) for quantity with an associated error. gsl_sf_cos_err Signature: (double x(); double dx(); double [o]y(); double [o]e()) Cos(x) for quantity with an associated error. AUTHOR
This file copyright (C) 1999 Christian Pellegrin <chri@infis.univ.trieste.it> All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software / documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDL distribution. If this file is separated from the PDL distribution, the copyright notice should be included in the file. The GSL SF modules were written by G. Jungman. perl v5.8.0 2003-01-29 TRIG(3)

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