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Operating Systems Linux Red Hat Video: Spotlight on My Fedora Post 302312149 by Linux Bot on Thursday 30th of April 2009 01:45:04 PM
Old 04-30-2009
Video: Spotlight on My Fedora

</p>Download this video: [Ogg Theora]

John “J5″ Palmieri explains how the Fedora community–codename MyFedora–is bringing Fedora users together by integrating self-contained applications into a single framework application. This interface enables Fedora users to see and keep track of what applications other community members are working with.

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ogginfo(1)							   Vorbis Tools 							ogginfo(1)

ogginfo - gives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity checking SYNOPSIS
ogginfo [ -q ] [ -v ] [ -h ] file1.ogg ... fileN.ogg DESCRIPTION
ogginfo reads one or more Ogg files and prints information about stream contents (including chained and/or multiplexed streams) to standard output. It will detect (but not correct) a wide range of common defects, with many additional checks specifically for Ogg Vorbis streams. For all stream types ogginfo will print the filename being processed, the stream serial numbers, and various common error conditions. For Vorbis streams, information including the version used for encoding, the sample rate and number of channels, the bitrate and playback length, and the contents of the comment header are printed. Similarly, for Theora streams, basic information about the video is provided, including frame rate, aspect ratio, bitrate, length, and the comment header. OPTIONS
-h Show a help and usage message. -q Quiet mode. This may be specified multiple times. Doing so once will remove the detailed informative messages, twice will remove warnings as well. -v Verbose mode. At the current time, this does not do anything. AUTHORS
Michael Smith <> SEE ALSO
vorbiscomment(1), ogg123(1), oggdec(1), oggenc(1) Xiph.Org Foundation July 10, 2002 ogginfo(1)

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