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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers 3 homework questions (thread closed) Post 302312082 by SupErioR on Thursday 30th of April 2009 10:18:25 AM
Old 04-30-2009
3 homework questions (thread closed)

1st) how can i print only directories?
2nd) how can i print files that someone used in the last X days (for example, 5).

thanks very much, i need it for homework and teacher teachs us nothingSmilie
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lchage(1)						      General Commands Manual							 lchage(1)

lchage - Display or change user password policy SYNOPSIS
lchage [OPTION]... user DESCRIPTION
Displays or allows changing password policy of user. OPTIONS
-d, --date=days Set the date of last password change to days after Jan 1 1970. Set days to -1 to disable password expiration (i.e. to ignore --mindays, and --maxdays and related settings). Set days to 0 to enforce password change on next login. (This also disables password expiration until the password is changed.) -E, --expire=days Set the account expiration date to days after Jan 1 1970. Set days to -1 to disable account expiration. -i, --interactive Ask all questions when connecting to the user database, even if default answers are set up in libuser configuration. -I, --inactive=days Disable the account after days after password expires (after the user is required to change the password). Set days to -1 to keep the account enabled indefinitely after password expiration. -l, --list Only list current user's policy and make no changes. -m, --mindays=days Require at least days days between password changes. Set days to 0 or -1 to disable this requirement. If this value is larger than the value set by --maxdays, the user cannot change the pasword. -M, --maxdays=days Require changing the password after days since last password change. Set days to -1 to disable password expiration. -W, --warndays=days Start warning the user days before password expires (before the user is required to change the password). Set days to 0 or -1 to disable the warning. EXIT STATUS
The exit status is 0 on success, nonzero on error. NOTES
Note that "account expiration" (set by --expire) is distinct from "password expiration" (set by --maxdays). Account expiration happens on a fixed date regardless of password changes. Password expiration is relative to the date of last password change. libuser Nov 8 2012 lchage(1)

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