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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting read in a file character by character - replace any unknown ASCII characters with spa Post 302308893 by jim mcnamara on Monday 20th of April 2009 01:52:52 PM
Old 04-20-2009
Okay - if you tell us what an 'unknown ASCII' character is so we can write some code.
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ctype(3C)																 ctype(3C)

ctype: isalnum(), isalpha(), isascii(), isblank(), iscntrl(), isdigit(), isgraph(), islower(), isprint(), ispunct(), isspace(), isupper(), isxdigit() - classify characters according to type SYNOPSIS
These functions classify character-coded integer values according to the rules of the coded character set identified by the last successful call to (see setlocale(3C)). Each function is a predicate returning nonzero for true, zero for false. If has not been called successfully, characters are classified according to the rules of the default ASCII 7-bit coded character set (see setlocale(3C)). is defined on all integer values; the other functions are defined for the range (EOF) through RETURN VALUE
The functions return nonzero under the following circumstances; zero otherwise: c is an alphanumeric (letters or digits). c is a letter. c is any ASCII character code between 0 and 0177, inclusive. c is a blank character; that is, a space or a tab. c is a control character (in ASCII: character codes less than 040 and the delete character(0177)). c is a decimal digit (in ASCII: characters [0-9]). c is a visible character (in ASCII: printing characters, excluding the space character(040)). c is a lowercase letter. c is a printing character. c is a punctuation character (in ASCII: any printing character except the space character(040), digits, letters). c is a character that creates whitespace in displayed text (in ASCII: space, tab, carriage return, newline, verti- cal tab, and formfeed). c is an uppercase letter. c is a hexadecimal digit (in ASCII: characters [0-9], [A-F] or [a-f]). If the argument to any of these functions is outside the domain of the function, the result is undefined. EXTERNAL INFLUENCES
Environment Variables The category determines the classification of character type. International Code Set Support Single-byte character code sets are supported. WARNINGS
These functions are supplied both as library functions and as macros defined in the header. Normally, the macro versions are used. To obtain the library function, either use a to remove the macro definition or, if compiling in ANSI-C mode, enclose the function name in parenthesis or take its address. The following example uses the library functions for and AUTHOR
was developed by IBM, OSF, and HP. SEE ALSO
setlocale(3C), ascii(5), thread_safety(5). STANDARDS CONFORMANCE

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