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Posting homework is a direct violation of the terms of services (rules) of these forums.
Test Your Knowledge in Computers #917
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Unix time is also known as Epoch time.
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my thread got closed

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This forum is closed for new thread ... post here.

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dlclose(3C)															       dlclose(3C)

dlclose() - close a shared library SYNOPSIS
[flag ... ] file ... [library]... Multithread Usage This routine is thread-safe. NOTE: The dynamic loader serializes the loading and unloading of shared libraries in multithreaded applications using a recursive pthread mutex lock. See the for more information. DESCRIPTION
is one of a family of routines that give the user direct access to the dynamic linking facilities (using the option on the compiler or com- mand line). disassociates a shared object previously opened by from the current process. Once an object has been closed using its symbols are no longer available to All objects loaded automatically as a result of invoking on the referenced object (see dlopen(3C)) are also closed. handle is the value returned by a previous invocation of RETURN VALUE
If the referenced object was successfully closed, returns If the object could not be closed, or if handle does not refer to an open object, returns a non-0 value. More detailed diagnostic information is available through ERRORS
If fails, a subsequent call to returns one of the following values. Cannot apply relocation in library. Cannot close library due to remaining dependencies. Invalid handle. Out of memory. failed on entry to or exit from failed on exit from failed on entry to Unknown handle. WARNINGS
A successful invocation of does not guarantee that the objects associated with handle have actually been removed from the address space of the process. Objects loaded by one invocation of may also be loaded by another invocation of The same object may also be opened multiple times. An object is not removed from the address space until all references to that object through an explicit invocation have been closed and all other objects implicitly referencing that object have also been closed. Once an object has been closed by referencing symbols contained in that object can cause undefined behavior. SEE ALSO
dlerrno(3C), dlerror(3C), dlopen(3C), dlsym(3C). Texts and Tutorials (See the option) (See manuals(5) for ordering information) dlclose(3C)

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