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Full Discussion: Help with task daemon
Top Forums Programming Help with task daemon Post 302305400 by pludi on Wednesday 8th of April 2009 08:08:20 PM
Old 04-08-2009
Originally Posted by james2432
believe it or not but this is my first c program
I do
Originally Posted by james2432
I am trying to make a daemon that checks if mplayer is running (it's for a projection room) and if it is not then to run mplayer with a file..
Not exactly what a daemon is for IMO, but that's not for here to discuss
Originally Posted by james2432
So far it's not working and I don't know why
What exactly isn't working. I found a few things that might cause problems, but that could or couldn't be what you're looking for.
#include <sys/types.h>  /* include this before any other sys headers */ 
#include <sys/wait.h>   /* header for waitpid() and various macros */ 
#include <signal.h>     /* header for signal functions */ 
#include <stdio.h>      /* header for fprintf() */ 
#include <unistd.h>     /* header for fork() */ 
void  ChildProcess(void);                /* child process prototype  */ 
void  ParentProcess(void);               /* parent process prototype */
int  main(void) 
{     pid_t pid;

            int rc;
            // I don't think this is standard C behaviour, execpt if you want to
            // bit-shift left an uninitialized variable
            rc<<system("ps ux | awk '/mplayer/ && !/awk/ {print $2}'"); 
            [color=blue]// Where did that come from?
          rc = WEXITSTATUS(rc); /* Check if mplayer is running */ 
       if(rc >= 0 ){ 
              pid = fork();
                if (pid == 0)  
          {/*fork error*/}
return (0); 
void  ChildProcess(void) 
     execvp("mplayer ~/test.avi",NULL); 
void  ParentProcess(void) 

As a guideline, a daemon usually has this workflow:
    exit //parent
        do something

Your code, OTOH, never goes into background, and, in case mplayer keeps on crashing, will waste quite some time on process creation.
In your ChildProcess() function you could replace the execvp/exit combination with a simple exec, as this will replace the current process image (that of the child) with that of the program you're specifying.
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