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Operating Systems Linux What's better for running Windows software in Linux, Wine or Windows VMware? Post 302302694 by Advice Pro on Tuesday 31st of March 2009 04:17:26 PM
Old 03-31-2009
What's better for running Windows software in Linux, Wine or Windows VMware?

What are the differences, advantages, and disadvantages?

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sccsdiff(1)						      General Commands Manual						       sccsdiff(1)

       sccsdiff - compare and display SCCS delta differences

       sccsdiff -rSID1 -rSID2 [-p] [-sn] files

       The  command  compares  two versions of an SCCS file and generates the differences between the two versions.  You can specify any number of
       SCCS files, but arguments apply to all files.

       -p	 Displays output using command.

       -rSID?	 Indicates deltas to be prepared.  Versions are passed to in the order given.

       -sn	 Sets number of lines each segment is to contain.  This is useful when fails due to a high system load.

       ``file: No differences''
       If the two versions are the same.  Use for explanations.

       temporary files

See Also
       bdiff(1), cmp(1), comm(1), diff(1), diff3(1), diffmk(1), get(1), prs(1), sccs(1), sccshelp(1)
       Guide to the Source Code Control System


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