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Use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris:

awk 'NR == FNR {
  /Name/ && n = $2
  /Local State/ && _[n] = $NF
  /Total Connections/ && _[n] = _[n] FS $3
/content/ { c = $2 }
/service/ && $NF in _ {
  split(_[$NF], t)
  print "CONTENT", c
  print "Service", $NF
  print "What is the current State?", t[1]
  print "What is the number of Total Connections?", t[2] RS
  }' file1 file2

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Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep(3)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep(3)

Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep - A GNU grep-based mbox folder reader SYNOPSIS
#!/usr/bin/perl use Mail::Mbox::MessageParser; my $filename = 'mail/saved-mail'; my $filehandle = new FileHandle($filename); my $folder_reader = new Mail::Mbox::MessageParser( { 'file_name' => $filename, 'file_handle' => $filehandle, 'enable_grep' => 1, } ); die $folder_reader unless ref $folder_reader; # Any newlines or such before the start of the first email my $prologue = $folder_reader->prologue; print $prologue; # This is the main loop. It's executed once for each email while(!$folder_reader->end_of_file()); { my $email = $folder_reader->read_next_email(); print $email; } DESCRIPTION
This module implements a GNU grep-based mbox folder reader. It can only be used when GNU grep is installed on the system. Users must not instantiate this class directly--use Mail::Mbox::MessageParser instead. The base MessageParser module will automatically manage the use of grep and non-grep implementations. METHODS AND FUNCTIONS The following methods and functions are specific to the Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep package. For additional inherited ones, see the Mail::Mbox::MessageParser documentation. $ref = new( { 'file_name' => <mailbox file name>, 'file_handle' => <mailbox file handle> }); <file_name> - The full filename of the mailbox <file_handle> - An opened file handle for the mailbox The constructor for the class takes two parameters. The file_name parameter is the filename of the mailbox. The file_handle argument is the opened file handle to the mailbox. Returns a reference to a Mail::Mbox::MessageParser object, or a string describing the error. BUGS
No known bugs. Contact for bug reports and suggestions. AUTHOR
David Coppit <>. LICENSE
This software is distributed under the terms of the GPL. See the file "LICENSE" for more information. HISTORY
This code was originally part of the grepmail distribution. See for previous versions of grepmail which included early versions of this code. SEE ALSO
Mail::Mbox::MessageParser perl v5.12.1 2009-08-09 Mail::Mbox::MessageParser::Grep(3)

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