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Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems user names being rejected during registration Post 302279027 by username_in_use on Wednesday 21st of January 2009 08:05:33 PM
Old 01-21-2009
user names being rejected during registration

To Whom It May Concern,

I've tried registering, and am unable to do so. The message being returned is that my name choices are being rejected for not meeting some administrator criteria, which is not discernible from the message returned by the board software.

The password I chose was all alphanumeric and 15 characters in length, so I don't see any problem there. I tried several different user names, and some obscure enough that I believe at least one of them wouldn't be in use.



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NOTIFY(8)						      System Manager's Manual							 NOTIFY(8)

notify - HylaFAX user notification script SYNOPSIS
/var/spool/hylafax/bin/notify qfile why jobtime [ nextTry ] DESCRIPTION
bin/notify is the command script invoked by the facsimile server to notify a user about the status of an outbound job. The default notifi- cation script sends the user electronic mail describing the event or action. The arguments are: qfile the pathname of the job description file. why a string that specifies why the user is being notified; one of: Why Notes Meaning done 1 job was completed successfully failed 12 job was not completed rejected 1 job was rejected for specified reasons requeued 2 job was not completed, but was requeued for retry removed 1 job was deleted from the queue killed 1 job was deleted from the queue timedout 1 job could not be sent before kill time expired format_failed 1 document conversion failed no_formatter 1 the document conversion program was not found poll_rejected 12 a polling request was rejected by the remote side poll_no_document 12 a polling request failed because nothing was available poll_failed 12 a polling request failed for an unknown reason blocked 3 job is blocked by concurrent jobs 1 A final job state 2 A transcript of the failed communication is returned to the sender. 3 No emails are sent for the block state, the job has been neither requeued nor done, but remains waiting in the queue for the ability to be sent. jobtime the total transmission time of a successful job or the connect time of a failed request (passed as a string). nextTry the time (passed as a string) at which the next attempt will be made to complete the job. This parameter is passed only if why is ``requeued''. NOTES
The behavior of notify is intended to be customizable via the etc/FaxNotify script, if present. FaxNotify is sourced after the q-file is parsed and all default values are preset. Useful settings for FaxNotify are: WHY is identical to why mentioned above and can be useful in determining under what conditions various settings should take effect. For example, if [ "$WHY" != "done" ]; then RETURNFILETYPE=pdf; fi This would only set RETURNFILETYPE when the job did not complete successfully. RETURNFILETYPE can be set to ``tif'', ``pdf'', ``ps'', or ``original''. If set, this causes notify to return a copy of the submitted documents to the SENDER address along with the notification message. The ``original'' setting uses the format type that was used in the submis- sion. Multiple values may be specified by separating them with whitespace. In that case a separate attachment is created for each filetype. TEMPLATE the template subdirectory to use when sending e-mails. HylaFAX ships with a base set of templates, and some direct translations. To use the German translated templates, set TEMPLATE=de in FaxNotify. This is relative to the base template directory. NOTIFY_FAXMASTER is used to deliver a notification message to TOADDR (which defaults to ``FaxMaster'') that contains technical information about the job. This is useful in allowing the administrator to be aware of any problems before those problems are reported by the users. Possible settings are ``yes'', ``always'', ``no'', ``never'', and ``errors''. If ``errors'' is used then the notification message is only sent to FaxMaster when the job experienced an error. The default is ``no''. The settings of the user in $notify (read from the sendq job file) controls whether the user will get the notification email. If you want to force notification emails, irregardless of the users selection, or force a blocked notification (which is not sent by default), you can set notify="always" which will force the notify script to send the email. FILES
/var/spool/hylafax spooling area /usr/lib/sendmail for delivering mail SEE ALSO
faxq(8), hylafax-server(5), sendq(5) May 8, 1996 NOTIFY(8)

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