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Top Forums Programming Application crashes in FreeBSD 7.1 while working ok in FreeBSD 6.3 Post 302278433 by Seenquev on Tuesday 20th of January 2009 08:07:17 AM
Old 01-20-2009
Ok, the problem is solved. It was not FreeBSD's fault but mine - wrong use of delete operator caused these crashes. In FreeBSD 6.3 it was crashing only once per few hours, in FreeBSD 7.1 the crash was occuring after application start.

Thank you for your time anyway.
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PHTTPGET(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       PHTTPGET(8)

phttpget -- retrieve multiple files via pipelined HTTP SYNOPSIS
phttpget server file ... DESCRIPTION
The phttpget utility is a minimalist pipelined HTTP client, which is used to retrieve multiple files from one server, and saves the down- loaded files in the current working directory, using the last portion of their download path as file names. By making several "in flight" HTTP requests, it can dramatically increase performance when a large number of small files need to be down- loaded. The freebsd-update(8) and portnap(8) tools use phttpget to download binary patch files. ENVIRONMENT
HTTP_PROXY URL of the proxy to use for HTTP requests. HTTP_PROXY_AUTH Authorization parameters for the HTTP proxy. HTTP_USER_AGENT The User-Agent string to use for HTTP requests. The default is ``phttpget/0.1''. HTTP_TIMEOUT Timeout for HTTP request in seconds. SEE ALSO
fetch(1), freebsd-update(8), portsnap(8) AUTHORS
The phttpget utility was written by Colin Percival <> for use with portsnap(8) and later with freebsd-update(8). This manual page was written by Xin LI <>. BSD
January 3, 2015 BSD

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