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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting using flag inside a for loop to check condition Post 302276399 by codeman007 on Tuesday 13th of January 2009 03:30:47 PM
Old 01-13-2009
thanks pmm johnson jerryhone for the suggestions.
i was keepin little low and couldnt see the mistake..
thanks for all for the help
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script to check for a condition inside a file

Hi I am writing a script file which sends the log files along with their size in a folder named log to a file called temp.log using the following cmd: ls -st 190_GSTV_HUX_003QISCGSK026** >> /home/user/temp.log the temp.log looks like this: 16 190_GSTV_HUX_003QISCGSK026_message070321.log ... (11 Replies)
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Checking condition inside the loop

Hi all, I have one clarification i am using the loop which will process for each record .suppose there is f ailure in the first record it need to send mail and process the next .my code: defcount=`cat <filename>|wc -l` while ] do if <some condiotion> then echo "mail" fi done so... (1 Reply)
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condition inside a for loop

I have a for loop in my script as shown below. for file_path in $file_list ; do code .......... ...... done Can i restrict the number of files parsing to the variable file_path as 50? That is, even if I have some 100 files in file_list, I need to take only 50 files for... (7 Replies)
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csh if loop variable condition check peroblem

Hi, I have variables like var1 var2 var3 var4 in if loop i am trying to check the condition if(variable == "var") then echo $variable endif (0 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting


Hello I want to compare values of two variables as CHECK condition in a while loop. eg: var1=0 var2=10 while do echo " $var1 " var1=`expr $var1 + 1` done However this is giving error.How to do it in a proper manner? Thanks. (3 Replies)
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Check condition inside the loop

Hi, I am in trouble. I can get inside my condition test inside a loop : I am in ksh (solaris) while read file do <commande to retrieve file> >> ${LOG_RETRIEVE_FILE.log} msg_err=$(cat ${LOG_RETRIEVE_FILE.log} | grep "error retrieve") if ; then <sendmail> exit 1 fi done I tried... (6 Replies)
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setting up a flag inside awk

Hi unix gurus.... i need to set a flag inside awk. i tried many methods for that but couldn't succeed :( like echo "flag= " $flag echo "flag= " ${flag} and so...but not able to show the flag. help me out. i'm using a if condition inside awk... help me out with correct syntax to set a... (7 Replies)
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HELP with AWK one-liner. Need to employ an If condition inside AWK to check for array variable ?

Hello experts, I'm stuck with this script for three days now. Here's what i need. I need to split a large delimited (,) file into 2 files based on the value present in the last field. Samp: Something.csv bca,adc,asdf,123,12C bca,adc,asdf,123,13C def,adc,asdf,123,12A I need this split... (6 Replies)
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If else condition inside for loop of awk command in UNIX shell scripting

Hi , Please excuse me for opening a new thread i am unable to find out the syntax error in my if else condition inside for loop in awk command , my actual aim is to print formatted html td tag when if condition (True) having string as "failed", could anyone please advise what is the right... (2 Replies)
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Check two condition in while loop

Hi, I Have to check two condition in while loop every 2 minutes. while loop is accompanied with number of times it will check.Please help in putting the two condition in while loop as appropriate. z= input value, A=1 while do 1.check the file output,if the file output is N then keep on... (2 Replies)
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pspell_config_mode - Change the mode number of suggestions returned

bool pspell_config_mode (int $dictionary_link, int $mode) DESCRIPTION
pspell_config_mode(3) should be used on a config before calling pspell_new_config(3). This function determines how many suggestions will be returned by pspell_suggest(3). PARAMETERS
o $dictionary_link - o $mode - The mode parameter is the mode in which spellchecker will work. There are several modes available: o PSPELL_FAST - Fast mode (least number of suggestions) o PSPELL_NORMAL - Normal mode (more suggestions) o PSPELL_BAD_SPELLERS - Slow mode (a lot of suggestions) RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 pspell_config_mode(3) Example <?php $pspell_config = pspell_config_create("en"); pspell_config_mode($pspell_config, PSPELL_FAST); $pspell_link = pspell_new_config($pspell_config); pspell_check($pspell_link, "thecat"); ?> PHP Documentation Group PSPELL_CONFIG_MODE(3)

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