Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Keeping padding in a date field Post 302275167 by radoulov on Friday 9th of January 2009 12:17:42 PM
Just quote the identifier:

bash-3.2.48(21)[~]$ CURRENT_DATE="$(date +"%a %b %e")"
bash-3.2.48(21)[~]$ echo $CURRENT_DATE 
Fri Jan 9
bash-3.2.48(21)[~]$ echo "$CURRENT_DATE"
Fri Jan  9

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HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation	     HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime(3pm)

HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime - CompoundDateTime deflator SYNOPSIS
--- element: - type: Multi name: date elements: - name: day - name: month - name: year deflator: - type: CompoundDateTime # set the default $form->get_field('date')->default( $datetime ); DESCRIPTION
For use with a HTML::FormFu::Element::Multi group of fields. Sets the default values of several fields from a single DateTime value. By default, expects the field names to be any of the following: year month day hour minute second nanosecond time_zone METHODS
field_order Arguments: @order If your field names don't follow the convention listed above, you must provide an arrayref containing the above names, in the order they correspond with your own fields. --- element: - type: Multi name: date elements: - name: m - name: d - name: y deflator: - type: CompoundDateTime field_order: - month - day - year AUTHOR
Carl Franks LICENSE
This library is free software, you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-01-23 HTML::FormFu::Deflator::CompoundDateTime(3pm)

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