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Full Discussion: basic unix question
Operating Systems Solaris basic unix question Post 302267775 by mokkan on Saturday 13th of December 2008 08:00:40 PM
Old 12-13-2008
basic unix question


I'm new to solaris and have an experience with linux. When we see network interface I can see qfe, hme, le0. What is that mean? Is it depend on the network card?
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VDE_L3(1)						      General Commands Manual							 VDE_L3(1)

vde_l3 - Virtual Distributed Ethernet 'Layer 3' Switch. SYNOPSIS
vde_l3 -v vde_plug:ipaddress/netmask [-v...] [-r target_network/netmask:gateway] [-G default_gw] [-M mgmt_socket] DESCRIPTION
A vde_l3 connects to one or more vde_switches, performing ip forwarding among its virtual interfaces. A new interface is created at startup for each -v option given at command line. Static routes to target networks can be defined using the -r option. vde_l3 -v /var/run/s1.ctl: connects to the vde sock at /var/run/s1.ctl with its virtual interface ve0, having the address and netmask vde_l3 -v /var/run/s1.ctl: -v /var/run/s2.ctl: connects to the two vde socks, with its virtual interfaces ve0 and ve1, having addressess and respectively. Hosts in each network can specify the vde_l3 as their gateway to reach the other one. OPTIONS
-v vde_plug:ipaddress/netmask Creates a virtual network interfaces on the vde_l3 box, with address ipaddress and netmask netmask. Please note that the netmask can be specified either in the 'classic' A.B.C.D mode, or just by giving the number of leading bits (f.e., /17 for One can define as many interfaces as she wants. -r target_network/netmask:gateway Specify a static route through gateway to reach hosts in target_network with netmask netmask. One can define as many routes as she wants. -G default_gw Specify a default gateway, to be used whenever no static route is defined for a target host. -M mgmt_socket the unix socket where the parameters (interfaces addresses, routes, etc.) can be checked and changed runtime. unixterm(1) can be used as a remote terminal for wirefilter. NOTICE
Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any way with ("Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik" i.e. the German "Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies"). SEE ALSO
vde_switch(1), vdeq(1), unixterm(1), vde_cryptcab(1), wirefilter(1). AUTHORS
VDE_L3 is a tool by Daniele Lacamera <> VDE is a project by Renzo Davoli <> Virtual Distributed Ethernet May 7, 2007 VDE_L3(1)

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