"SunOS 5.10 - VI Arrow keys not working"

Post #302262933 by drl on Saturday 29th of November 2008 02:53:06 PM

Old 11-29-2008

I don't use PuTTY much, but I was able to duplicate the problem. The solution that worked for me was to change a setting in the Features panel.

This session was from PuTTY running on a Microsoft W2K box connected to a Solaris 10 box. The version of PuTTY is:

After you have logged in:
1) right click on the Title bar
2) Mouse down and select Change Settings
3) Click Features from the left side
4) Uncheck:
Disable application keypad mode
5) Click the Apply button

If this works, you may want to save the new session settings. You may be able to do this without logging in -- I didn't test that. In my situation, I have none of the features checked.

I tested the behavior by checking and unchecking the box and it seemed to cause your symptoms to appear and disappear.

The other solutions posted may also work, but this seems like an easy solution.

Best wishes ... cheers, drl