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Full Discussion: find -cmin or fin -newer
Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users find -cmin or fin -newer Post 302259337 by xxxyyyy on Monday 17th of November 2008 11:30:05 PM
Old 11-18-2008
find -cmin or fin -newer

I am running SUSE/8 and SUSE/9 on a high end server (4 CPU, 8G RAM etc)

I have a huge directory structure with over 4million files in it. I have find the files that are modified (created, modified, renamed etc etc) in the last 10 minutes periodically.

I have tried "find -cmin -10" and "find -newer" options but these take very long time to report the result. A reason could be very large file set to be seacrhed for.

Another option would have been to use "iNotify", but my kerneel version is not compatibale and I am not allowed to patch it up !

Can any one suggest alternate approaches?
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SUBDOMAIN.CONF(5)						     AppArmor							 SUBDOMAIN.CONF(5)

/etc/apparmor/subdomain.conf - configuration file for fine-tuning the behavior of the AppArmor security tool. DESCRIPTION
The AppArmor security tool can be configured to have certain default behaviors based on configuration options set in subdomain.conf. There are two variables that can be set in subdomain.conf: SUBDOMAIN_PATH, and SUBDOMAIN_MODULE_PANIC. SUBDOMAIN_PATH This variable accepts a string (path), and is by default set to '/etc/apparmor.d/' This variable defines where the AppArmor security tool looks for its policy definitions (a.k.a. AppArmor profiles). SUBDOMAIN_MODULE_PANIC This variable accepts a string that is one of four values: warn, build, panic, or build-panic, and is set by default to warn. This setting controls the behavior of the AppArmor initscript if it cannot successfully load the AppArmor kernel module on startup. The four possible settings are: warn Log a failure message (the default behavior). build Attempt to build the AppArmor module against the currently running kernel. If the compilation is successful, the module will be loaded and AppArmor started; if the compilation fails, a failure message is logged. panic Log a failure message and drop to runlevel 1 (single user). build-panic Attempt to build the module against the running kernel (like build) and if the compilation fails, drop to runlevel 1 (single user). BUGS
Setting the initscript to recompile the module will fail on SUSE, as the module source is no longer installed by default. However, the module has been included with the SUSE kernel, so no rebuilding should be necessary. If you find any additional bugs, please report them to bugzilla at <>. SEE ALSO
apparmor(7), apparmor_parser(8), and <>. NOVELL
/SUSE 2007-04-11 SUBDOMAIN.CONF(5)

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