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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Problem with awk and if statement Post 302255567 by radoulov on Thursday 6th of November 2008 05:34:50 PM
Old 11-06-2008
Assuming only one record per type (except for others).

Use nawk or /usr/xpg4/bin/awk on Solaris.
You may need to adjust the names of the files.

awk 'NR == FNR { ref[$1] = $2; next }
  if (substr($2, 1, 3) in ref) { 
    dest = ref[substr($2, 1, 3)] "/"
    system("[ -d " dest " ] || mkdir " dest) 
    print > (dest FILENAME)
    close(dest FILENAME)
  else {
    dest = "others/"
    system("[ -d " dest " ] || mkdir " dest)
    print > (dest FILENAME)
}' FS='[.],' Ref.tmp FS='","' REG_InputFileName

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WCSNCPY(3)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							WCSNCPY(3)

wcsncpy - copy a fixed-size string of wide characters SYNOPSIS
#include <wchar.h> wchar_t *wcsncpy(wchar_t *dest, const wchar_t *src, size_t n); DESCRIPTION
The wcsncpy() function is the wide-character equivalent of the strncpy(3) function. It copies at most n wide characters from the wide- character string pointed to by src, including the terminating null wide character (L''), to the array pointed to by dest. Exactly n wide characters are written at dest. If the length wcslen(src) is smaller than n, the remaining wide characters in the array pointed to by dest are filled with null wide characters. If the length wcslen(src) is greater or equal to n, the string pointed to by dest will not be termi- nated by a null wide character. The strings may not overlap. The programmer must ensure that there is room for at least n wide characters at dest. RETURN VALUE
wcsncpy() returns dest. CONFORMING TO
strncpy(3) COLOPHON
This page is part of release 3.53 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at GNU
2011-09-28 WCSNCPY(3)

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