Operating Systems SCO Looking for openserver 5.0.5 media kit Post 302251945 by Rasters on Tuesday 28th of October 2008 11:54:05 AM
SCO 5.0.5 available

I in fact do have my installation discs available and am more than willing to assist.

Here's the problem - when it comes to SCO, I'm and idiot. Please drop me a line in regards to how to properly duplicate the discs...I assume there's no infraction in doing that as licensing is separate.

I inherited an SCO system running Thoroughbred Basic and a custom application within that. I've been trying to trying to migrate the system away from SCO, but it seems I'm stuck. I've duped the failing 4GB hd, but the dupe needs registering, and I haven't found out how to do this. Secondly, is there no TCP/IP support?! I would like to move to a virtual server, but I just don't know how to copy files out!
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OpenServe 5.0.0 media kit?

I have a client with an OLD Point of Sale system (another POS tla). Old as in running since 1995! :eek: I'm cloning the system, but want to complete the backup/disaster recovery plan by having the media kit. Does anyone have a 5.0.0 media kit I can beg, borrow or buy? Thanks! JGT (1 Reply)
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openserver 5.0.6 media need

I am looking for openserver 5.0.6 media. I need build a new production server and we only have the 5.0.5 media. If anybody can help that be awesome. (9 Replies)
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SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.5 Media Kit

My client has lost the SCO OS 5.0.5 install media. However, they do have a working SCO 5.0.5 system, but is crumbling apart. Where can I find the SCO OS 5.0.5 install media? Or can I get a copy of the SCO CD as a ISO file? Your help is much appreciated. (7 Replies)
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SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 Media Needed

Greetings, I've recently been given responsibility for a legacy server running SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 and upon taking inventory I discovered we have all the license documents but no installation media. Can anyone assist me with where I might download these? Thanks Kevin (9 Replies)
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Need SCO 5.0.6 openserver media kit

hello everyone i need a copy of sco 5.0.6 iso for isntall a new server crash I read in a post that someone uploaded to an ftp an iso but I did not find the ftp any can helpme? (7 Replies)
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SCO OpenServer 5.0.6 media needed

My media disk is unusable. Can someone provide me an ISO for Openserver 5.0.6? Thank you. Brantley Allen (2 Replies)
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