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I tried and it can work well.

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gdb: problem while debug an executable file

I created one file (test.cpp)and complied it and get the executable file(test) and run it.It is giving the out put but when I am trying to debug that executable.I am getting the error -- please tell me the solutions?? Thanks in advance ..... (2 Replies)
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a question about debug using gdb(/lib32/ No such file or directory)

Hi all, (gdb) target remote Remote debugging using warning: Unable to find dynamic linker breakpoint function. GDB will be unable to debug shared library initializers and track explicitly loaded dynamic code. 0x2fbd0800 in ?? () (gdb) l 1 ... (0 Replies)
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3. Programming

Debug two process Using GDB

Hi All I know How to attach a process to beubg it .But for my application I am using client as well server.Both are two separate process .Suppose I need to debug both .How to attach both of them together .Or I have to attach them separetly . Suppose client process id is 1325 and server is... (2 Replies)
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4. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

running command prompt executable file in shell script

hi i have file extentioned with test.vbs. i am able to run this file n execute through command promt but i dont know how to run in shell script example: file name is test.vbs which contains strSoundFile = "C:\windows\Media\Notify.wav" Set objShell = CreateObject("Wscript.Shell") strCommand... (5 Replies)
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5. Shell Programming and Scripting

How to compile or debug line by line in shell script?

I know about bash -x, set -x and -v but disappears from Command Line Interface in fraction of second ...... I am looking for a command or script ..complies each line and shows the output after executing each line ....( similar what we have in C ) Thanks in Advance (2 Replies)
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6. Programming

GDB No line in file error

Hi, I have a c program i compile with gcc4.5. This elf, if I use gdb and put a breakpoint on main, instead has a breakpoint in a function other than main or says no line in file. I verified the elf is 1 to 1 with source, have all debug symbols for compilation etc. The problem I think is the... (2 Replies)
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7. Programming

Can't debug: assert error with gdb (no problem without)

I'm sorry if the title is really criptic, but I don't know how to phrase my problem. I know I can't really ask for a solution, and I normally wouldn't but this is really escaping my abilities. Antefacts. I developed a program using the zeromq messaging library. I got to a point where the... (11 Replies)
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GDB not showing line details

I have bunch of source code which I compiled using -ggdb3 flag. I have copied the source code and executable to an another machine. When I run the exe in gdb it does not show the statments at the line numbers when it breaks. This is what I see Breakpoint 1, TestCode (handler=0x806e110,... (1 Reply)
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9. AIX

Gdb on a 64 bit executable - cannot access memory

Hi, Can anyone explain this please..... A simple test program... ### snip #include <stdio.h> main() { static int n; n = 6; printf("hello %d\n", n); n=7; } ### snip 64 bit compile/link.... (2 Replies)
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10. Programming

Odd behavior from GDB while trying to cross-debug an embedded Linux application.

Some background: The application normally runs on an embedded platform. Currently, for development purposes, I have the rootfs located @ /exports and the target is communicating over NFS. That way I can make a change on my local system, save the application @ /exports, and run the altered... (4 Replies)
Discussion started by: Circuits
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WORKQUEUE(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					      WORKQUEUE(9)

workqueue -- simple do-it-in-thread-context framework SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/workqueue.h> int workqueue_create(struct workqueue **wqp, const char *name, void (*func)(struct work *, void *), void *arg, pri_t prio, int ipl, int flags); void workqueue_enqueue(struct workqueue *wq, struct work *wk, struct cpu_info *ci); void workqueue_destroy(struct workqueue *wq); DESCRIPTION
The workqueue utility routines are provided to defer work which is needed to be processed in a thread context. workqueue_create() creates a workqueue. It takes the following arguments: wqp Specify where to store the created workqueue. name The name of the workqueue. func The function to be called for each work. arg An argument to be passed as a second argument of func. prio The priority level for the worker threads. ipl The highest IPL at which this workqueue is used. flags The value of 0 indicates a standard create operation, however the following flags may be bitwise ORed together: WQ_MPSAFE Specifies that the workqueue is multiprocessor safe and does its own locking, otherwise the kernel lock will be held while work will be processed. WQ_PERCPU Specifies that the workqueue should have a separate queue for each CPU, thus the work could be enqueued on concrete CPUs. workqueue_enqueue() enqueues the work wk into the workqueue wq. If the WQ_PERCPU flag was set on workqueue creation, the ci argument may be used to specify the CPU on which the work should be enqueued. Also it may be NULL, then work will be enqueued on the current CPU. If WQ_PERCPU flag was not set, ci must be NULL. The enqueued work will be processed in a thread context. A work must not be enqueued again until the callback is called by the workqueue framework. workqueue_destroy() destroys a workqueue and frees associated resources. The caller should ensure that the workqueue has no work enqueued beforehand. RETURN VALUES
workqueue_create() returns 0 on success. Otherwise, it returns an errno(2). CODE REFERENCES
The workqueue subsystem is implemented within the file sys/kern/subr_workqueue.c. SEE ALSO
callout(9), condvar(9), kthread(9), softint(9) BSD
October 24, 2011 BSD

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