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Full Discussion: Auto login with SFTP
Operating Systems Solaris Auto login with SFTP Post 302245557 by wsiefkas on Friday 10th of October 2008 10:31:36 AM
Old 10-10-2008
I do not have a option on this as this is a Dept. Of Labor server I maintain. They put the operating system and programs on it for me to use. Unfortunately I have no other option then SFTP as they are killing FTP.

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Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes(3pm)			User Contributed Perl Documentation		       Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes(3pm)

Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes - File/directory attribute container SYNOPSIS
use Net::SFTP::Foreign; my $a1 = Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes->new(); $a1->set_size($size); $a1->set_ugid($uid, $gid); my $a2 = $sftp->stat($file) or die "remote stat command failed: ".$sftp->status; my $size = $a2->size; my $mtime = $a2->mtime; DESCRIPTION
Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes encapsulates file/directory attributes for Net::SFTP::Foreign. It also provides serialization and deserialization methods to encode/decode attributes into Net::SFTP::Foreign::Buffer objects. USAGE
Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes->new() Returns a new "Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes" object. Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes->new_from_buffer($buffer) Creates a new attributes object and populates it with information read from $buffer. $attrs->as_buffer Serializes the Attributes object $attrs into a buffer object. $attrs->flags returns the value of the flags field. $attrs->size returns the values of the size field or undef if it is not set. $attrs->uid returns the value of the uid field or undef if it is not set. $attrs->gid returns the value of the gid field or undef if it is not set. $attrs->perm returns the value of the permissions field or undef if it is not set. See also "stat" in perlfunc for instructions on how to process the returned value with the Fcntl module. For instance, the following code checks if some attributes object corresponds to a directory: use Fctnl qw(S_ISDIR); ... if (S_ISDIR($attr->perm)) { # it is a directory! } $attrs->atime returns the value of the atime field or undef if it is not set. $attrs->mtime returns the value of the mtime field or undef if it is not set. %extended = $attr->extended returns the vendor-dependent extended attributes $attrs->set_size($size) sets the value of the size field, or if $size is undef removes the field. The flags field is adjusted accordingly. $attrs->set_perm($perm) sets the value of the permsissions field or removes it if the value is undefined. The flags field is also adjusted. $attr->set_ugid($uid, $gid) sets the values of the uid and gid fields, or removes them if they are undefined values. The flags field is adjusted. This pair of fields can not be set separatelly because they share the same bit on the flags field and so both have to be set or not. $attr->set_amtime($atime, $mtime) sets the values of the atime and mtime fields or remove them if they are undefined values. The flags field is also adjusted. $attr->set_extended(%extended) sets the vendor-dependent extended attributes $attr->append_extended(%more_extended) adds more pairs to the list of vendor-dependent extended attributes COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Salvador Fandin~o. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-11 Net::SFTP::Foreign::Attributes(3pm)

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