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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Help need to make a shell script run for ffmpeg vhook watermaking in shell Post 302240837 by wingchun22 on Friday 26th of September 2008 06:04:45 PM
Help need to make a shell script run for ffmpeg vhook watermaking in shell

i have a small problem getting a batxh shell script to run in shell

this is the code

echo "flv-watermarker converter"
echo "$vhook - $output - $fonts - $text"
if (($# ==0))
echo "Usage: flvwatermarker [flv files] ..."
while (($# !=0 ))
ffmpeg -i $1 -sameq -vhook '$vhook/ $fonts/Verdana.TTF -t $text -x 5 -y 5' $output/${1%.*}.flv
echo "Finished with flv-watermarker converter"

the problem seems to be centered around the ffmpeg command, something maybe to do with the ' ' wrapping around the vhook part command

this is a strange problem , if i take the ffmpeg command and run it directly from the shell promt it works, but inside this shell script it always seems to stop working around the ffmpeg part

i have other simlier shell scripts without the ' ' wrapping around parts of the ffmpeg command and they work fine, just this one seems to not work at all, i have tried adding " " to wrap the hole ffmpeg command, remove the ' ' from the vhook part, but it does not seem to work for me

i'm new to shell scripting and unix, any help or advise as to way this is not working whould be very usefull, thanks in advance

ps this was the orgianl script before i moved some commands into variables, on the ffmpeg line, to stop that long line always breaking onto two lines in nano

echo "flv-watermarker converter"
if (($# ==0))
echo "Usage: flvwatermarker [flv files] ..."

while (($# !=0 ))

ffmpeg -i $1 -sameq -vhook '/usr/local/cpffmpeg/lib/vhook/ /usr/share/fonts/TrueType/Verdana.TTF -t MYSITE.COM -x 5 -y 5' /var/www/vhosts/$1.flv

echo "Finished with flv-watermarker converter"

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escape(1)							Mail Avenger 0.8.3							 escape(1)

escape - escape shell special characters in a string SYNOPSIS
escape string DESCRIPTION
escape prepends a "" character to all shell special characters in string, making it safe to compose a shell command with the result. EXAMPLES
The following is a contrived example showing how one can unintentionally end up executing the contents of a string: $ var='; echo gotcha!' $ eval echo hi $var hi gotcha! $ Using escape, one can avoid executing the contents of $var: $ eval echo hi `escape "$var"` hi ; echo gotcha! $ A less contrived example is passing arguments to Mail Avenger bodytest commands containing possibly unsafe environment variables. For example, you might write a hypothetical reject_bcc script to reject mail not explicitly addressed to the recipient: #!/bin/sh formail -x to -x cc -x resent-to -x resent-cc | fgrep "$1" > /dev/null && exit 0 echo "<$1>.. address does not accept blind carbon copies" exit 100 To invoke this script, passing it the recipient address as an argument, you would need to put the following in your Mail Avenger rcpt script: bodytest reject_bcc `escape "$RECIPIENT"` SEE ALSO
avenger(1), The Mail Avenger home page: <>. BUGS
escape is designed for the Bourne shell, which is what Mail Avenger scripts use. escape might or might not work with other shells. AUTHOR
David Mazieres Mail Avenger 0.8.3 2012-04-05 escape(1)

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