Operating Systems Solaris Configuring Printer with Printer Manager Post 302240199 by kumarmani on Thursday 25th of September 2008 07:21:51 AM
Configuring Printer with Printer Manager

Hi All,

I am trying to configure printer in solaris 10 with the help of print manager. There is no printer attached to my system, ia m doing it for test purpose. However I am unable to do so coz its pops up window - Heading as error with option as dismiss and cancel. Kindly help as I am preparing for SA1 300-200 exam and also would request you guys if can direct me to some link where in I can get some detail related with solaris on x86 architecture.

Thanking in anticipation
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rcancel(1M)															       rcancel(1M)

rcancel - remove requests from a remote printer spooling queue SYNOPSIS
[id ...] [printer] user] DESCRIPTION
The command removes a request, or requests, from the spool queue of a remote printer. is invoked by the command (see lp(1)). At least one id or the name of a printer must be specified. This command is intended to be used only by the spool system in response to the command (see lp(1)), and should not be invoked directly. Options The command recognizes the following options: id Specifying a request ID (as returned by (see lp(1))) cancels the associated request, even if it is currently printing. The maximum number of ids that can be specified is 50. printer Name of the printer (for a complete list, use (see lpstat(1))). Specifying a printer cancels the request which is cur- rently printing on that printer, if the request is owned by the user. If the or the option is specified, this option only specifies the printer on which to perform the corresponding cancel operation. Remove all requests owned by the user on the specified printer (see printer). The owner is determined by the user's login name and host name on the machine where the command was invoked. Empty the spool queue of all requests for the specified printer. This form of invoking is useful only to users with appropriate privileges. Remove any requests queued belonging to that user (or users) for the specified printer. You can repeat the option to specify more users. The maximum number of users that can be specified is 50. This form of invoking is useful only to users with appropriate privileges. WARNINGS
A remote print request can be canceled only from the system on which the the original command was issued, and if the restrict cancel fea- ture (see lpadmin(1M)) is enabled for the specified printer, a request belonging to this printer can be canceled only by the system admin- istrator or the user who requested it. This command is intended to be used only by the spool system in response to the command (see lp(1)), and should not be invoked directly. AUTHOR
was developed by the University of California, Berkeley, and HP. FILES
enable(1), lp(1), lpstat(1), accept(1M), lpadmin(1M), lpsched(1M), rlp(1M), rlpdaemon(1M), rlpstat(1M). rcancel(1M)

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