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You didn't post the code that doesn't work, but I guess that you want to define the method template in a separate file rather than in the definition of the class, as one often does for normal class methods.
Short answer; you can't.

There is, no doubt, a better explanation in a text book somewhere, but here goes...
Templates are not like normal code; you cannot define them where ever you like. When the compiler sees your call to
int a;

here is no method with signature
fun(int, string&);

so it has to create one from the template you supplied. This means that the compiler has to be able to see the both the template (so it knows how to build the function) and the call (so it knows what types to build the function with) at the same time. So the template and the code calling the method must be in the same compilation unit.
You don't have to have the method template defined inline, but you must have it defined where the class is defined.
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redi(3) 						     Library Functions Manual							   redi(3)

redi - All PStreams classes are declared in namespace redi. SYNOPSIS
Classes struct pstreams Common base class providing constants and typenames. class basic_pstreambuf Class template for stream buffer. class pstream_common Class template for common base class. class basic_ipstream Class template for Input PStreams. class basic_opstream Class template for Output PStreams. class basic_pstream Class template for Bidirectional PStreams. class basic_rpstream template for Restricted PStreams. Typedefs typedef basic_pstreambuf< char > pstreambuf Type definition for common template specialisation. typedef basic_ipstream< char > ipstream Type definition for common template specialisation. typedef basic_opstream< char > opstream Type definition for common template specialisation. typedef basic_pstream< char > pstream Type definition for common template specialisation. typedef basic_rpstream< char > rpstream Type definition for common template specialisation. Detailed Description All PStreams classes are declared in namespace redi. Like the standard iostreams, PStreams is a set of class templates, taking a character type and traits type. As with the standard streams they are most likely to be used with char and the default traits type, so typedefs for this most common case are provided. The pstream_common class template is not intended to be used directly, it is used internally to provide the common functionality for the other stream classes. Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for PStreams from the source code. PStreams Thu Nov 10 2011 redi(3)

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