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Operating Systems Solaris Permissions for the root user on Solaris 10 Post 302235428 by Shreedhar Naik on Friday 12th of September 2008 01:40:30 AM
Old 09-12-2008
Java Permissions for the root user on Solaris 10

Hi I have a doubt, here if a file does not have the write permissions to the root user my script is going to write the data into that file. when i executed the script as root user. Is it correct ... ?

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pmvarrun(8)							     pam_mount							       pmvarrun(8)

       pmvarrun - updates /var/run/pam_mount/user

       pmvarrun -u user [options]

       A  separate  program is needed so that /var/run/pam_mount/user may be created with a pam_mount-specific security context (otherwise SELinux
       policy will conflict with gdm, which also creates file in /var/run).

       pmvarrun is flexible and can run in a number of different security setups:

       When pmvarrun is invoked as root, /var/run/pam_mount's permission settings can be as strict as needed; usually (0755,root,root) is  a  good
       pick  as  it  gives  users the debug control over their refcount. Refcount files are given their respective owners (chowned to the user who
       logs in).

       When invoked as the user who logs in, /var/run/pam_mount needs appropriate permissions to create a file, which means the write bit must	be
       set. It is also highly suggested to set the sticky bit in this case, so other users do not tamper with your refcount.

       Some  programs or login helpers incorrectly call the PAM stack in a way that the login phase is done as root and the logout phase as a nor-
       mal user.  Nevertheless, pmvarrun supports this, and the same permissions as in root-root can be used. While the user may not  be  able	to
       unlink his file from /var/run/pam_mount, it will be truncated to indicate the same state.

       --help, -h
	      Display help.

       --user user, -u user
	      User to handle, must be a valid username.

       --operation number, -o number
	      Increase volume count by number.

       -d     Turn on debugging.


       This  manpage  was originally written by Bastian Kleineidam <> for the Debian distribution of libpam-mount but may be used
       by others.

       See /usr/share/doc/packages/libpam-mount/copyright for the list of original authors of pam_mount.

pam_mount							    2008-10-08							       pmvarrun(8)

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