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Originally Posted by mos8001
I am actually trying to find out the following:
Using MS Windows, XP PRO, I downloaded an Adaptec SCSi 39160 driver from SCO Unix site.
Driver is ad160.btld.
I now need to copy this driver to a SCO Unix 5.5 standalone server, via a floppy diskette.
I've tried SCO505 Diskimage and it didn't have the ad160 file in the image.
I've tried the btld image also. Unix can not find the ad160 driver.
My client needs their server back today. May 7/08.
How can I copy the ad160.btld driver from MS Windows to a Unix floppy.
Thank you in advance.
You'll need the RAWRITE program to write the disk images to a stiffy disk.
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FDFORMAT(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       FDFORMAT(1)

fdformat -- format a floppy diskette SYNOPSIS
fdformat [-f device] [-t type] [-n] [-B nbps] [-S nspt] [-T ntrk] [-C ncyl] [-P stepspercyl] [-G gaplen] [-F fillbyte] [-X xfer_rate] [-I interleave] DESCRIPTION
The fdformat utility formats a floppy diskette. With no arguments, it formats the default floppy device with the default density parameters (as provided by the floppy diskette device driver). As the each track of the floppy diskette is formatted, it is read to verify the format was successful. The fdformat utility does not create a filesystem of any kind. Use tools like newfs(8), newfs_msdos(8), or mformat(1) (part of the pkgsrc/sysutils/mtools package) depending on what filesystem type you want to use on the floppy disk to do so. Available command-line flags are: -f device Format the floppy using device instead of the default /dev/rfd0a. -t type Format the floppy using parameters for the diskette named type in /etc/floppytab instead of the device default parameters. -n Do not verify each track as it is read. -B nbps Set the number of bytes per sector for the formatted diskette. -S nspt Set the number of sectors per track for the formatted diskette. -T ntrk Set the number of tracks (heads) per cylinder for the formatted diskette. -C ncyl Set the number of cylinders for the formatted diskette. -P stepspercyl Set the number of motor steps per cylinder for the formatted diskette. -G gaplen Set the sector gap length for the formatted diskette. -F fillbyte Set the fill byte for the formatted diskette. -X xfer_rate Set the bit transfer rate for the formatted diskette. -I interleave Set the interleave factor for the formatted diskette. SEE ALSO
fdc(4) (amiga, i386 and sparc ports) HISTORY
The fdformat utility appeared in NetBSD 1.3. BUGS
Some floppy drive units have physical diskette format sensors which automatically select a diskette density for reading. Such drives can format at alternate densities, but they cannot successfully verify the formatted diskette except at the diskette's normal density. BSD
July 22, 2006 BSD

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