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Thank you for your prompt response.

It did what I wanted. However the three sections need to be parsed to to different files.

So you have
This should be taken to file 1
This should be taken to file 2


Also I noticed that the ST and SE are numbered.

Thank you

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GIT-MAILSPLIT(1)                                                    Git Manual                                                    GIT-MAILSPLIT(1)

git-mailsplit - Simple UNIX mbox splitter program SYNOPSIS
git mailsplit [-b] [-f<nn>] [-d<prec>] [--keep-cr] [--mboxrd] -o<directory> [--] [(<mbox>|<Maildir>)...] DESCRIPTION
Splits a mbox file or a Maildir into a list of files: "0001" "0002" .. in the specified directory so you can process them further from there. Important Maildir splitting relies upon filenames being sorted to output patches in the correct order. OPTIONS
<mbox> Mbox file to split. If not given, the mbox is read from the standard input. <Maildir> Root of the Maildir to split. This directory should contain the cur, tmp and new subdirectories. -o<directory> Directory in which to place the individual messages. -b If any file doesn't begin with a From line, assume it is a single mail message instead of signaling error. -d<prec> Instead of the default 4 digits with leading zeros, different precision can be specified for the generated filenames. -f<nn> Skip the first <nn> numbers, for example if -f3 is specified, start the numbering with 0004. --keep-cr Do not remove from lines ending with . --mboxrd Input is of the "mboxrd" format and "^>+From " line escaping is reversed. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.17.1 10/05/2018 GIT-MAILSPLIT(1)

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