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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Checking condition inside the loop Post 302175179 by push on Thursday 13th of March 2008 08:37:41 AM
Old 03-13-2008
while read line ; do
if condition

done < read_from_file
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Condition checking

Dear all That's another problem from me, i wanna do a lot of if statement checking for correct input by user, will be prompt input again if the input not meet the requirement defined by If or while statement... like this one .... while I know it's less effiency write the program... (14 Replies)
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condition inside a for loop

I have a for loop in my script as shown below. for file_path in $file_list ; do code .......... ...... done Can i restrict the number of files parsing to the variable file_path as 50? That is, even if I have some 100 files in file_list, I need to take only 50 files for... (7 Replies)
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3. Shell Programming and Scripting

using flag inside a for loop to check condition

I have a logic like this It initializes the flag variable as "T" at the beginning of the loop everytime Inside each loop it checks for two conditions and updates the flag variable as "A" or "B" In the end of the loop it checks for the value of the variable flag for "A" or "B" and execute... (4 Replies)
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Using variables created sequentially in a loop while still inside of the loop [bash]

I'm trying to understand if it's possible to create a set of variables that are numbered based on another variable (using eval) in a loop, and then call on it before the loop ends. As an example I've written a script called question (The fist command is to show what is the contents of the... (2 Replies)
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sed solution for condition checking

Hi all , Recently i came across this in FAQ's. I have a file cat rem.txt sreedhar 20 sreedhar 10 sreedhar 15 sreedhar 18 sreedhar 16 sreedhar 30 I have to replace sreedhar with "Sridhar" if the second parameter is > 18. I need to do it in "sed" only. I am wondering how this... (4 Replies)
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Unzip file By checking condition.

Hi.. Gurus I Have a list of .zip files in a directory. I want to check whether each .zip file having some particular file or not (say .jsp) if it's having .Jsp file then create a directory as per the .zip file and extract the content to that directory except the .jsp file, If .zip not having... (3 Replies)
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Check condition inside the loop

Hi, I am in trouble. I can get inside my condition test inside a loop : I am in ksh (solaris) while read file do <commande to retrieve file> >> ${LOG_RETRIEVE_FILE.log} msg_err=$(cat ${LOG_RETRIEVE_FILE.log} | grep "error retrieve") if ; then <sendmail> exit 1 fi done I tried... (6 Replies)
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8. Shell Programming and Scripting

Condition checking in UNIX

i have a script where i have to find the age of a file, if then echo "dnb file is present for the monthly load" >> $RUNLOG dnb="1" else echo "dnb file has not arrived yet" > $ERRLOG dnb="0" fi i know the file is available so... (3 Replies)
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9. Shell Programming and Scripting

Condition checking issue while if

hi, i am using a simple condition end_ct=`sqlplus -s $ORACLE_USER/$ORACLE_PASS@$ORACLE_SID << EOF select description from bravo_statistics where trunc(time_stamp)=trunc(sysdate)-1 and description='END CAT'; EOF` echo $end_ct; echo... (30 Replies)
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10. Shell Programming and Scripting

If else condition inside for loop of awk command in UNIX shell scripting

Hi , Please excuse me for opening a new thread i am unable to find out the syntax error in my if else condition inside for loop in awk command , my actual aim is to print formatted html td tag when if condition (True) having string as "failed", could anyone please advise what is the right... (2 Replies)
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XtAppAddInput(3)						   XT FUNCTIONS 						  XtAppAddInput(3)

XtAppAddInput, XtRemoveInput - register and remove an input source SYNTAX
XtInputId XtAppAddInput(XtAppContext app_context, int source, XtPointer condition, XtInputCallbackProc proc, XtPointer client_data); void XtRemoveInput(XtInputId id); ARGUMENTS
app_context Specifies the application context that identifies the application. client_data Specifies the argument that is to be passed to the specified procedure when input is available. condition Specifies the mask that indicates a read, write, or exception condition or some operating system dependent condition. id Specifies the ID returned from the corresponding XtAppAddInput call. proc Specifies the procedure that is to be called when input is available. source Specifies the source file descriptor on a UNIX-based system or other operating system dependent device specification. DESCRIPTION
The XtAppAddInput function registers with the Intrinsics read routine a new source of events, which is usually file input but can also be file output. Note that file should be loosely interpreted to mean any sink or source of data. XtAppAddInput also specifies the conditions under which the source can generate events. When input is pending on this source, the callback procedure is called. The legal values for the condition argument are operating-system dependent. On a UNIX-based system, the condition is some union of XtInpu- tReadMask, XtInputWriteMask, and XtInputExceptMask. The XtRemoveInput function causes the Intrinsics read routine to stop watching for input from the input source. SEE ALSO
XtAppAddTimeOut(3),XtAppAddSignal(3) X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface Xlib - C Language X Interface BUGS
In ANSI C it is necessary to cast the condition to an XtPointer, e.g.: XtAppAddInput(app_context, source, (XtPointer) (XtInputReadMask | XtInputWriteMask), proc, client_data); X Version 11 libXt 1.1.3 XtAppAddInput(3)

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