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Full Discussion: Replace Junk chars (Sed)
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Replace Junk chars (Sed) Post 302171020 by bizjoe on Wednesday 27th of February 2008 10:49:19 AM
Old 02-27-2008
Hi, I also have the Control-Z problem. I tried the following code and it works
tr -d '\32' < test1.dat > test2.dat

However, I try to do the following and it doesn't work
tr -d '\{$var}' < test1.dat > test2.dat

I need to assign the octal number to a variable because we want the script to be able to remove other ascii char. Anyone get any ideas?
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dwww-refresh-cache - rebuilds dwww cache directory SYNOPSIS
dwww-refresh-cache DESCRIPTION
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dwww(7), dwww-build-menu(8), dwww-cache(8), dwww-find(8). AUTHOR
Robert Luberda. See dwww(7), for copyrights and stuff. dwww 1.11.1 February 15th, 2009 DWWW-REFRESH-CACHE(8)

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