Operating Systems Solaris Solaris DNS Client For Microsoft DNS Server Post 302169260 by mduweik on Wednesday 20th of February 2008 04:48:59 PM
Question Solaris DNS Client For Microsoft DNS Server

hey guys, how to add soalris box as a microsoft DNS Client ?
and how to register in the microsoft DNS ??
i managed to query from the DNS server after adding /etc/resolve.conf and editing /etc/nsswitch.conf
but i need to register the soalris server (dns Client) into Microsoft DNS automatically.

the way i know it is to add A RR manually in the DNS server, and i have over 200 Solaris Servers :'(

can anyone help !! SmilieSmilie
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ipa-replica-install(1)						 IPA Manual Pages					    ipa-replica-install(1)

ipa-replica-install - Create an IPA replica SYNOPSIS
ipa-replica-install [OPTION]... replica_file DESCRIPTION
Configures a new IPA server that is a replica of the server that generated it. Once it has been created it is an exact copy of the original IPA server and is an equal master. Changes made to any master are automatically replicated to other masters. The replica_file is created using the ipa-replica-prepare utility. If the installation fails you may need to run ipa-server-install --uninstall before running ipa-replica-install again. The installation will fail if the host you are installing the replica on exists as a host in IPA or an existing replication agreement exists (for example, from a previously failed installation). A replica should only be installed on the same or higher version of IPA on the remote system. OPTIONS
BASIC OPTIONS --setup-ca Install and configure a CA on this replica. If a CA is not configured then certificate operations will be forwarded to a master with a CA installed. --ip-address=IP_ADDRESS The IP address of this server. If this address does not match the address the host resolves to and --setup-dns is not selected the installation will fail. If the server hostname is not resolvable, a record for the hostname and IP_ADDRESS is added to /etc/hosts. -p DM_PASSWORD, --password=DM_PASSWORD Directory Manager (existing master) password -w ADMIN_PASSWORD, --admin-password=ADMIN_PASSWORD Admin user Kerberos password used for connection check --mkhomedir Create home directories for users on their first login -N, --no-ntp Do not configure NTP --no-ui-redirect Do not automatically redirect to the Web UI. --ssh-trust-dns Configure OpenSSH client to trust DNS SSHFP records. --no-ssh Do not configure OpenSSH client. --no-sshd Do not configure OpenSSH server. --skip-conncheck Skip connection check to remote master -d, --debug Enable debug logging when more verbose output is needed -U, --unattended An unattended installation that will never prompt for user input CERTIFICATE SYSTEM OPTIONS --skip-schema-check Skip check for updated CA DS schema on the remote master DNS OPTIONS --setup-dns Generate a DNS zone if it does not exist already and configure the DNS server. This option requires that you either specify at least one DNS forwarder through the --forwarder option or use the --no-forwarders option. --forwarder=IP_ADDRESS Add a DNS forwarder to the DNS configuration. You can use this option multiple times to specify more forwarders, but at least one must be provided, unless the --no-forwarders option is specified. --no-forwarders Do not add any DNS forwarders. Root DNS servers will be used instead. --reverse-zone=REVERSE_ZONE The reverse DNS zone to use --no-reverse Do not create new reverse DNS zone. If a reverse DNS zone already exists for the subnet, it will be used. --no-host-dns Do not use DNS for hostname lookup during installation --no-dns-sshfp Do not automatically create DNS SSHFP records. EXIT STATUS
0 if the command was successful 1 if an error occurred 3 if the host exists in the IPA server or a replication agreement to the remote master already exists IPA
May 16 2012 ipa-replica-install(1)

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