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Operating Systems HP-UX XIO: fatal IO error 232 (Connection reset by peer) on X server "" Post 302162829 by vbe on Wednesday 30th of January 2008 09:28:46 AM
Old 01-30-2008
How do you connect to your HP server?

From you laptop directly? Using what protocol?
If you have a xserver on your laptop correctly configured you should not have to export DISPLAY...
That can be tested by after you are connected, type xclock&
it should display on your laptop
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unbound-streamtcp(1)						      unbound						      unbound-streamtcp(1)

unbound-streamtcp - unbound DNS lookup utility SYNOPSIS
unbound-streamtcp [-unsh] [-f ipaddr[@port]] name type class DESCRIPTION
unbound-streamtcp sends a DNS Query of the given type and class for the given name to the DNS server over TCP and displays the response. If the server to query is not given using the -f option then localhost ( is used. More queries can be given on one commandline, they are resolved in sequence. The available options are: name This name is resolved (looked up in the DNS). type Specify the type of data to lookup. class Specify the class to lookup for. -u Use UDP instead of TCP. No retries are attempted. -n Do not wait for the answer. -s Use SSL. -h Print program usage. -f ipaddr[@port] Specify the server to send the queries to. If not specified localhost ( is used. EXAMPLES
Some examples of use. $ unbound-streamtcp A IN $ unbound-streamtcp -f SOA IN $ unbound-streamtcp -f PTR IN EXIT CODE
The unbound-streamtcp program exits with status code 1 on error, 0 on no error. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Tomas Hozza <>. NLnet Labs Mar 21, 2013 unbound-streamtcp(1)

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