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Comparing Two Strings

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Comparing Two Strings.
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Thanks for your reply...
Sorry to say that
I have tried with the command which you have given.
but also I am getting the same error....

if[ "$file1" = "Sector.sql" -o "$file1" = "Currency.sql"]; then
cat $file1 | sed -e "s/DB_NAME/${DBNAME}/g" > $LOG_DIR/$file1
echo "$LOG_DIR/$file1 file::::::::"
rm $LOG_DIR/$file

. $file1

./BatchJobs.sh: line 101: syntax error near unexpected token `then'
./BatchJobs.sh: line 101: ` if[ "$file1" = "Sector.sql" -o "$file1" = "Currency.sql"]; then'

Can u help me out plz....