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Operating Systems AIX PowerChute Post 302155031 by pagink on Wednesday 2nd of January 2008 05:42:28 PM
Old 01-02-2008

I have looked on APC webpage and searched here to find a way to configure powerchute to monitor and shutdown our servers safley when a poweroutage lasts longer then 15 minutes. the documentation i have so far is listed below but i know i am missing a step. I also called APC and they said they do not support AIX with SMART-UPS, so i am stuck any notress or direction would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

Steps or content:
1. Obtain a copy of x-windows software. I used hummingbird - EXCEED.
2. Setup hummingbird to log on as root and target the server you would like powerchute installed.
3. Copy the pcns201.tar file from the powerchute CD via ftp to the /usr/java14/jre/bin directory
4. untar the files.
a. tar xvf pcns201.tar
5. Execute a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) session
a. java -cp .Smiliecns201.jar:swingall.jar:util.jar load
6. go through the steps of configuration. If I do not mention a step then keep the defaults.
a. Management card IP: xx.xxx.x.x
b. Username: xxx
c. Password: “xxxxxxxx”
7. logout as dmiadmin and close your xwindows session.
8. Login as root and go to /usr/PowerChute
9. copy the rc.APCpcns file to the /etc directory
a. cp -p rc.APCpcns /etc
10. Change your directory to /etc and modify the rc.APCpcns.
a. cd /etc
b. chmod 770 rc.APCpcns
c. chgrp system rc.APCpcns
d. chown root rc.APCpcns
e. vi rc.APCpcns
f. Change the INSTALL_PATH directory to /usr/PowerChute
11. go to the unix prompy in /etc as root and execute.
a. ./rc.APCpcns start
12. Your powerchute Deamon is available and running.

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ftpshut(1M)                                               System Administration Commands                                               ftpshut(1M)

ftpshut - close down the FTP Servers at a given time SYNOPSIS
ftpshut [-V] [-v] [-l min] [-d min] time [warning-message...] DESCRIPTION
The ftpshut command provides an automated shutdown procedure that the superuser can use to notify FTP users when the FTP Server is shutting down. Ten minutes before shutdown, or immediately if the value of time is less than ten minutes, any new FTP Server connections will be disabled. You may adjust the shutdown of new FTP Server connections by means of the -l option. Five minutes before shutdown, or immediately if the value of time is less than five minutes, all current FTP connections will be discon- nected. You may adjust the shutdown of current FTP connections by means of the -d option. The ftpshut command creates shutdown message files that the FTP Server uses to determine when to shutdown. Separate shutdown message files are created in the anonymous and virtual host FTP Server areas, in addition to the system wide shutdown message file. Once the shutdown occurs, the server continues to refuse connections until the appropriate shutdown message file is removed. This normally is done by using the ftprestart(1M) command. The location of the shutdown message file is specified by the shutdown capability in the ftpaccess file. The following magic cookies are available: %s The time system is going to shut down. %r The time new connections will be denied. %d The time current connections will be dropped. %C The current working directory. %E The maintainer's email address as defined in the ftpaccess file. %F The free space in the partition of CWD, in kilobytes. %L The local host name. %M The maximum allowed number of users in this class. %N The current number of users in this class. %R The remote host name. %T The local time (form Thu Nov 15 17:12:42 1990). %U The username given at login time. OPTIONS
The ftpshut command supports the following options: -V Display program copyright and version information, then terminate. -d min The time ahead of shutdown, in minutes, that existing connections will be disconnected upon completion of their current or next (if idle) FTP request. -l min The time ahead of shutdown, in minutes, that new connections will be refused. -v Verbose. Output the pathname of the shutdown message files created. OPERANDS
The ftpshut command supports the following operands: time The time at which ftpshut will bring the FTP Servers down. time can have a value of now, which indicates an immedi- ate shutdown. Alternatively, time can specify a future time in one of two formats: +number or HHMM. The first form brings the FTP Server down in number minutes. The second brings the FTP Server down at the time of day indicated, using a 24-hour clock format. When using the absolute time format, you can only specify times between now and 23:59. warning-message The message to display that warns of the imminent shutdown. The warning-message will be formatted at 70 characters wide. ftpshut knows the actual string length of the magic cookies. If no warning-message is supplied, the default message "System shutdown at %s" is used. EXIT STATUS
The following exit values are returned: 0 Successful completion. >0 An error occurred. FILES
/etc/ftpd/ftpaccess /etc/ftpd/ftpservers ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWftpu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
in.ftpd(1M), ftprestart(1M), shutdown(1M), ftpaccess(4), ftpservers(4), attributes(5) SunOS 5.10 1 May 2003 ftpshut(1M)

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