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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers value too large for column : sqlldr Post 302150995 by greg on Thursday 13th of December 2007 09:31:40 AM
Old 12-13-2007

there must be a field in your text or csv file that contains a too large value for the specified column.
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sqlldr help

1.The below script works perfectly fine in dev. However, i have been told that i cannot hardcode the password into the file during production impementation. Is their way i could ask the user to enter the password when the script is executed 2. I have seven different files each of which needs to... (1 Reply)
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how to know sqlldr error?

Hi all, Can anyone know how to get the error codes from 'sqlldr' ?While am trying to load some 'ISO-8859-1' data file into 'utf8' oracle database,some records are rejected.I want to know the reason,whether it is due to charset mismatch or some other issues.How come i to know that ? ... (3 Replies)
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Rsh & Sqlldr

Dear expert, Can we invoke sqlldr command remotely. When I try rsh command in machine, it's failed on sqlloader command. However, nothing wrong on the shell scripts or environment setting of the remote environment, I able to execute in the scripts in remote machine. in machine... (8 Replies)
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sqlldr end of file

Hi, I've a batch program that load data from a file like: 00000013|FERRAN|JULIAN|GONZALEZ|1| 00000014|FRANCESC|NARVAEZ|PAZOS|1| 00000015|INMACULADA|MAYOL|BELTRAN|2| I used the sqlldr command in this way: sqlldr userid=U/P control=$SCRIPTS/CTRL.WCT data=$DATA/FILE log=$LOGS/FILE.LOG... (2 Replies)
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Shell con sqlldr

Hola, Genere un proceso en proC que me inserta registros a oracle, el cual ejecuto desde un shell en Unix. Por otro lado tengo un sqlldr que me hace el trabajo en un 25 % de tiempo que mi proceso en C. Se que puedo ejecutar mi sqlldr desde un shell, pero no se como hacer, alguien tiene un... (0 Replies)
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Split large file based on last digit from a column

Hello, What's the best way to split a large into multiple files based on the last digit in the first column. input file: f 2738483300000x0y03772748378831x1y13478378358383x2y23743878383802x3y33787828282820x4y43748838383881x5y5 Desired Output: f0 3738483300000x0y03787828282820x4y4 f1... (9 Replies)
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sqlldr in shell script

Hi I'm using SQL*Loader in shell script as below sqlldr $uname/$pword@$ORACLE_SID parfile=$test.par for e.g. if $test is 'file1' and getting the below error LRM-00109: could not open parameter file 'file1' LRM-00113: error when processing file 'file1' SQL*Loader: Release... (7 Replies)
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Hope to create a file with two large column, with several numbers

I hope to create a file made up of 2 columns - first column print out number 0~61000 every 50 of it - second column just contains 0 delineated by space such as 0 0 50 0 100 0 150 0 200 0 ... 60900 0 60950 0 61000 0 Which command should I need to use? I think I might need to use... (5 Replies)
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Problem loading default date column in sqlldr

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Search spaces in 5th column in large file

i have a file having 5 columns with more than million records. And i want to search using UNIX command to find if there are any spaces in 5th column. any please help. (1 Reply)
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AMC-MAILING(1)						       Auto Multiple Choice						    AMC-MAILING(1)

AMC-mailing - mail PDF annotated completed answer sheets to students SYNOPSIS
auto-multiple-choice mailing [--xmlargs args.xml] --projet project-dir --students-list students-list.csv [--list-encoding encoding] --email-column col --sender sender-email --subject subject --text email-body [--debug file.log] [transport arguments...] DESCRIPTION
The command sends by email the PDF annotated completed answer sheets to the students. Email addresses are taken from the students list file. --projet project-dir Gives the project directory. --students-list students-list.csv sets the students list file name. --list-encoding encoding selects an encoding for file students-list.csv (default is utf-8). --email-column col sets the name of the column containing the email addresses of the students in the students list file. --sender sender-email sets the sender email. --subject subject sets the subject of the emails to send. --text email-body sets the body text of the emails to send. --transport transport sets the transport to use. transport may be sendmail or SMTP. --debug file.log gives a file to fill with debugging information. TRANSPORT ARGUMENTS
Depending on the value used for argument transport, the following arguments can be added: Transport sendmail --sendmail-path path sets the path to the sendmail command (defaults to /usr/sbin/sendmail). Transport SMTP --smtp-host host sets the SMTP hostname (defaults to smtp). --smtp-port port sets the port to use (default value is 25). ARGUMENTS IN A XML FILE
To avoid encoding problems, one can place some arguments in a XML file and use the --xmlargs file.xml argument as the first command argument. Here is an exemple of such a file: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <arguments> <arg>--sender</arg><arg>Bienvenue &lt;;</arg> <arg>--text</arg><arg>Voila votre copie corrigee</arg> <arg>--subject</arg><arg>QCM</arg> </arguments> AUTHORS
Alexis Bienvenue <> Main author Jean Berard Translation from French Georges Khaznadar Translation from French COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2008-2012 Alexis Bienvenue This document can be used according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Auto Multiple Choice 1.1.1 06/19/2012 AMC-MAILING(1)

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