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Operating Systems Solaris Usage of /var/tmp/ directory on Solaris 10 Post 302150709 by patilmuragesh on Wednesday 12th of December 2007 09:13:00 AM
Old 12-12-2007
Usage of /var/tmp/ directory on Solaris 10

Hi All,

I have some threaded applications. Design of the application is such that one thread will decode some data and put it in data structure, And main thread will wait for another child threads pick up the decoded data. The data will be large decoded files.

Once decoded data is picked by child threads, They will set some flags.

main thread will be contineously checking for flags set are not and sleeping.

We also uses some third party tools such as nokalva compiler.

When I do truss on the process it is showing

13567/2: open(0x000D21C4, 01401, 0666) = 6
***line deleted by reborg***
13567/2: llseek(6, 0, 1) = 0
13567/2: getpid() = 13567 [12037]
13567/2: lstat64(0x000A8388, 0xFEBFB780) Err#2 ENOENT
13567/2: 0x000A8388: "/var/tmp/uveQ.a4FA"
13567/2: open(0x000A8388, 01402, 0666) = 7
13567/2: 0x000A8388: "/var/tmp/uveQ.a4FA"13567/2: fstat64(7, 0xFEBFAA90) = 0
13567/2: d=0x04C80000 i=182351 m=0100644 l=1 u=308 g=205 sz=0
13567/2: at = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: mt = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: ct = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: bsz=8192 blks=0 fs=ufs
13567/2: fstat64(7, 0xFEBFA938) = 0
13567/2: d=0x04C80000 i=182351 m=0100644 l=1 u=308 g=205 sz=0
13567/2: at = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: mt = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: ct = Dec 12 11:49:41 IST 2007 [ 1197440381 ]
13567/2: bsz=8192 blks=0 fs=ufs
13567/2: ioctl(7, 0x00005401, 0xFEBFAA1C) Err#25 ENOTTY
13567/2: fstat64(6, 0xFEBFB6D0) = 0
13567/2: d=0x04C884D8 i=8265 m=0100644 l=1 u=308 g=205 sz=0
13567/2: at = Dec 12 11:49:40 IST 2007 [ 1197440380 ]
13567/2: mt = Dec 12 11:49:40 IST 2007 [ 1197440380 ]
13567/2: ct = Dec 12 11:49:40 IST 2007 [ 1197440380 ]
13567/2: bsz=8192 blks=0 fs=lofs
13567/2: fstat64(6, 0xFEBFB578) = 0
13567/2: d=0x04C884D8 i=8265 m=0100644 l=1 u=308 g=205 sz=0

We are nowhere using /var/tmp/ directory for writing temparory data.
Why it is using /var/tmp/ directory which is on disk. It might have used /tmp
instead of that, which much faster than /var/tmp/.

Please let me know, Does the thread at the time of sleep places its data in /var/tmp directory or what ?

Thanks in Advance.

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thr_join(3C)						   Standard C Library Functions 					      thr_join(3C)

thr_join - wait for thread termination SYNOPSIS
cc -mt [ flag... ] file...[ library... ] #include <thread.h> int thr_join(thread_t thread, thread_t *departed, void **status); DESCRIPTION
The thr_join() function suspends processing of the calling thread until the target thread completes. The thread argument must be a member of the current process and cannot be a detached thread. See thr_create(3C). If two or more threads wait for the same thread to complete, all will suspend processing until the thread has terminated, and then one thread will return successfully and the others will return with an error of ESRCH. The thr_join() function will not block processing of the calling thread if the target thread has already terminated. If a thr_join() call returns successfully with a non-null status argument, the value passed to thr_exit(3C) by the terminating thread will be placed in the location referenced by status. If the target thread ID is 0, thr_join() finds and returns the status of a terminated undetached thread in the process. If no such thread exists, it suspends processing of the calling thread until a thread for which no other thread is waiting enters that state, at which time it returns successfully, or until all other threads in the process are either daemon threads or threads waiting in thr_join(), in which case it returns EDEADLK. See NOTES. If departed is not NULL, it points to a location that is set to the ID of the terminated thread if thr_join() returns successfully. RETURN VALUES
If successful, thr_join() returns 0. Otherwise, an error number is returned to indicate the error. ERRORS
EDEADLK A joining deadlock would occur, such as when a thread attempts to wait for itself, or the calling thread is waiting for any thread to exit and only daemon threads or waiting threads exist in the process. ESRCH No undetached thread could be found corresponding to the given thread ID. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
thr_create(3C), thr_exit(3C), wait(3C), attributes(5), standards(5) NOTES
Using thr_join(3C) in the following syntax, while (thr_join(0, NULL, NULL) == 0); will wait for the termination of all non-daemon threads, excluding threads that are themselves waiting in thr_join(). SunOS 5.10 27 Mar 2000 thr_join(3C)

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