Top Forums Programming Compilation error on namespaces in system header debug.h Post 302143809 by rimon on Sunday 4th of November 2007 04:33:25 AM
Thanks for your reply!
Before I even read it I found my problem and I'm quite ashamed to admit I didn't see it before.

I must say to my defense that I have inherited the makefiles I am using from people before me, and that they work fine on Linux and on AIX.
In case anyone is interested, the problem was that they use a compilation flag -D__debug so when the debug.h file tries to define a namespace named __debug, it is actually using the defined flag, and so it thinks it is defining the namespace with the name '1'.

Sorry to waste anyone's time on this.

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variable(n)						       Tcl Built-In Commands						       variable(n)


variable - create and initialize a namespace variable SYNOPSIS
variable ?name value...? name ?value? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command is normally used within a namespace eval command to create one or more variables within a namespace. Each variable name is initialized with value. The value for the last variable is optional. If a variable name does not exist, it is created. In this case, if value is specified, it is assigned to the newly created variable. If no value is specified, the new variable is left undefined. If the variable already exists, it is set to value if value is specified or left unchanged if no value is given. Normally, name is unqualified (does not include the names of any containing namespaces), and the variable is created in the current namespace. If name includes any namespace qualifiers, the variable is created in the specified names- pace. If the variable is not defined, it will be visible to the namespace which command, but not to the info exists command. If the variable command is executed inside a Tcl procedure, it creates local variables linked to the corresponding namespace variables (and therefore these variables are listed by info locals.) In this way the variable command resembles the global command, although the global command only links to variables in the global namespace. If any values are given, they are used to modify the values of the associated namespace variables. If a namespace variable does not exist, it is created and optionally initialized. A name argument cannot reference an element within an array. Instead, name should reference the entire array, and the initialization value should be left off. After the variable has been declared, elements within the array can be set using ordinary set or array commands. SEE ALSO
global(n), namespace(n), upvar(n) KEYWORDS
global, namespace, procedure, variable Tcl 8.0 variable(n)

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