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Old 11-01-2007
How to delete line from a file

Hi ,

I have a file it content is like that


i need to search for a certain pattern inside that file and delete the line if i find this pattern without redirecting the output into another file .

so i used the following code but i have problem when the pattern that i am looking for is not in the first line :

DelLine=`awk -F':' '{ if ("'"$DPATH"'" == $1) print NR }' file2.txt`
echo $DelLine
/bin/echo "/$DelLine/d\nwq!" | ex -s file2.txt

any clue how can i do that ?
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MessageFormatter::setPattern - Set the pattern used by the formatter

	Object oriented style

public bool MessageFormatter::setPattern (string $pattern) DESCRIPTION
Procedural style bool msgfmt_set_pattern (MessageFormatter $fmt, string $pattern) Set the pattern used by the formatter PARAMETERS
o $fmt - The message formatter o $pattern - The pattern string to use in this message formatter. The pattern uses an 'apostrophe-friendly' syntax; it is run through umsg_autoQuoteApostrophe before being interpreted. RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure. EXAMPLES
Example #1 msgfmt_set_pattern(3) example <?php $fmt = msgfmt_create( "en_US", "{0, number} monkeys on {1, number} trees" ); echo "Default pattern: '" . msgfmt_get_pattern( $fmt ) . "' "; echo "Formatting result: " . msgfmt_format( $fmt, array(123, 456) ) . " "; msgfmt_set_pattern( $fmt, "{0, number} trees hosting {1, number} monkeys" ); echo "New pattern: '" . msgfmt_get_pattern( $fmt ) . "' "; echo "Formatted number: " . msgfmt_format( $fmt, array(123, 456) ) . " "; ?> Example #2 OO example <?php $fmt = new MessageFormatter( "en_US", "{0, number} monkeys on {1, number} trees" ); echo "Default pattern: '" . $fmt->getPattern() . "' "; echo "Formatting result: " . $fmt->format(array(123, 456)) . " "; $fmt->setPattern("{0, number} trees hosting {1, number} monkeys" ); echo "New pattern: '" . $fmt->getPattern() . "' "; echo "Formatted number: " . $fmt->format(array(123, 456)) . " "; ?> The above example will output: Default pattern: '{0,number} monkeys on {1,number} trees' Formatting result: 123 monkeys on 456 trees New pattern: '{0,number} trees hosting {1,number} monkeys' Formatted number: 123 trees hosting 456 monkeys SEE ALSO
msgfmt_create(3), msgfmt_get_pattern(3). PHP Documentation Group MSGFMT_SET_PATTERN(3)

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