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Full Discussion: While Do Loops Problems
Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting While Do Loops Problems Post 302141394 by Ygor on Thursday 18th of October 2007 09:29:03 PM
Old 10-18-2007
Thread closed. Violation of the "No Homework" Rule.
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File::Find::Rule::Procedural(3) 			User Contributed Perl Documentation			   File::Find::Rule::Procedural(3)

File::Find::Rule::Procedural - File::Find::Rule's procedural interface SYNOPSIS
use File::Find::Rule; # find all .pm files, procedurally my @files = find(file => name => '*.pm', in => @INC); DESCRIPTION
In addition to the regular object-oriented interface, File::Find::Rule provides two subroutines for you to use. "find( @clauses )" "rule( @clauses )" "find" and "rule" can be used to invoke any methods available to the OO version. "rule" is a synonym for "find" Passing more than one value to a clause is done with an anonymous array: my $finder = find( name => [ '*.mp3', '*.ogg' ] ); "find" and "rule" both return a File::Find::Rule instance, unless one of the arguments is "in", in which case it returns a list of things that match the rule. my @files = find( name => [ '*.mp3', '*.ogg' ], in => $ENV{HOME} ); Please note that "in" will be the last clause evaluated, and so this code will search for mp3s regardless of size. my @files = find( name => '*.mp3', in => $ENV{HOME}, size => '<2k' ); ^ | Clause processing stopped here ------/ It is also possible to invert a single rule by prefixing it with "!" like so: # large files that aren't videos my @files = find( file => '!name' => [ '*.avi', '*.mov' ], size => '>20M', in => $ENV{HOME} ); AUTHOR
Richard Clamp <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003 Richard Clamp. All Rights Reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. SEE ALSO
File::Find::Rule perl v5.18.2 2011-09-19 File::Find::Rule::Procedural(3)

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